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Find on EDIT.org free customizable templates for community manager calendars. Organize the different events throughout the year easily and originally.

Customize your Community Manager calendar

Edit free customizable templates for Community Manager calendars on EDIT.org. Organize your anual events easily with original designs.

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Create a personalized Community Manager calendar on EDIT.org

To get the most out of your social media, you must always use a marketing plan. A successful marketing plan will contain a synopsis of the goals you plan to achieve and how you will achieve them. Keeping track of all these actions will allow you to know the effectiveness of your strategy and manage the time invested in it in a much more efficient way. Each action (post, like, response...) has to help you achieve your goal.

While doing this it is very important to know the dates indicated on your calendar to move forward and have a publication to publish. EDIT.org wants to help you and has created an editable Community Manager calendar for 2021 that you can customize with the dates of your country or type of business.

The more detailed your strategy is, the more effective it will be to carry it out. Having a structured plan will also save you a lot of time when you have to organize publications. 

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Edit a community management strategy template on EDIT.org

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Create a social media marketing strategy

1. Identify Your Brand

The first thing to decide is the image you want to give to the audience. Be clear about the position and relationship you have with them, the tone in which you address them. A distant tone shows seriousness, and a close one can show confidence. This depends on what feelings you want to portray to the audience. It is very important that you mark a clear editorial line and always follow it in all your posts.

Making yourself known through the history of your brand (you can invent it and decorate it all you want) is a practice that commands great results. It is not effective to say who you are then to explain how you have become who you are. Instead, explain the need that started your brand and what your company is solving. This will give the users confidence in your brand. 

2. Mark Your Goals

It is important to organize your goals. Propose feasible short-term goals in addition to long-term objectives and follow their evolution. To create realistic goals, you should use S.M.A.R.T objectives that consist of the following:

smart goals

3. Define Your Target Audience

Both in the digital world and the real world, marketing campaigns that you perform should be based on the audience that you want to reach. Therefore, you must conduct a preliminary study of who your target audience is. This can be an expensive task, but it can be effective in the long term if you do it well. You can perform different studies based on demographics such as age, gender, and interests. The more information you collect, the easier it will be to create specific and targeted messages for your audience.

If your company is centered around a niche group such as "elite athletes" then it will be easier than promoting an airline, since their audience is much broader. Look closely at who follows your competitors as well because larger brands that have spent a longer amount of time in the market may have done this target audience work previously for you.  

4. Channels

You must determine based on your target audience what the best channels to share your information are. A survey carried out by U.S. Small Business Social Media Marketing Research Survey published on the web eMarketer shows us the following results:

result survey eMarketer


This shows that in recent years social applications such as Facebook and Instagram have ousted the most traditional tools of online marketing such as email. However, you must take into account the profile of your target when deciding which platform, you should focus your attention on. 

5. Create a Content Calendar

The next step will be to create a calendar to graphically capture the tasks you have planned to perform on your social platforms and during what period of time you plan to execute it. This will give you a script of a short and long-term global vision of how you will organize yourself in time. To organize it we recommend making a Gantt chart. For example:

gantt chart example

6. Define the Budget

This will be the last step before implementing your strategy. You must set a budget. It is very important to be clear about what your investment will be for. It depends on how big your company is and how important the use of social networks is. At this point, you may realize that some of the actions you planned to do are too expensive and will be left for later

7. Analysis and Measurement of Results

Once you have the previous steps into practice, do not forget to analyze the results. This is to determine how well your strategy is working while taking into account the investment and the results. You should keep in mind that your networks will not undergo a radical change overnight. Gaining followers and a good relationship with the public is a very long process so you should be patient. 

We also recommend that you take a look at this marketing trends guide which will show you techniques that are most effective today, as well as this article about ideas for social media content.

Get started now with EDIT.org and discover the benefits of the platform!

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