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Ideas for your social media content

Ideas for your social media content

Having all your social networks update can be quite difficult when you have no idea what content to offer. Gone are the days when you beat the audience by uploading videos of adorable kittens or puppies. Competition and content on social networks have become very fierce in recent years. What information to offer and how to offer it to connect with the public have become one of the most important issues in digital marketing. Constant innovation characterizes this new stage in which you not only have to try to get followers but know how to maintain them and generate engagement.

Many companies have a strategy in which only use social networks for promotion, but they are really wrong. The promotion of products in social profiles should not exceed 20% of the total content. The rest, you have to do it always thinking in the public. So, what kind of content do you have to publish in social media?

If you continue reading you will find a series of proposals that can be used as a script when preparing the content for the marketing plan. Always seek to offer a varied posts and never forget to listen to the audience (can give you many clues on what to publish).


  1. The question of the day. Launch a question to the followers. You can take the opportunity to ask something about your brand or ask a random question like "are you one of those who likes pizza with pineapple?" Ideally, always relate it to the product but it won’t be essential either. Asking the audience is a very effective method to generate engagement. In addition, you can analyze the answers obtained and make another post to show it days later with a brief reflection. This way, you will demonstrate to the audience that they are important to you and their comments and opinions are taken into account.
  2. Motivational quote. If is possible, create a graphic version of the quote; that is, put it in an image. In this way, you will call much more attention. This action will not take you 2 minutes to do with EDIT templates and will help you a lot to earn followers.
  3. News or important events of the segment in which you work. If your audience follows you because they are interested in your business, everything related to them will also be important.
  4. Testimonials and success stories. Showing real testimonials from people talking about the company will make increase trust and engagement with the audience. 
  5. Tell the story of your brand. For this, you can use a simple infographic or simply an image and explain it through the text. Of course, the image has to be attractive enough to invite the viewer to continue reading.
  6. Present team members and new incorporations. It will serve to humanize the brand. If you show photos of the team components, it is a way to humanize the brand and maybe they may feel identified.
  7. Celebrate the important days. Take advantage of the holidays to make publications related. Congratulate everyone for the day of the worker, Christmas, even the pet’s day! Any party is good to celebrate of course, as long as you do not limit the content to this type of publications, as it can be heavy.
  8. Show your office or workspace. You can surprise followers by showing a little bit of the place where you create the ideas they like so much :)
  9. Promote the content of the blog. Show how useful the last post can be and generate traffic to the blog.
  10. Crowdsource (open collaboration). Encourage followers to propose ideas and changes for the business
  11. Giveaways. It the resource that best works to earn followers; The prize can range from a product that you can offer to some kind of external prize. Do not forget to promote the giveaway during the days that the term is open.
  12. Product/service launch. Have you launched a new product or an improvement of the service? Tell it to the four winds, your followers will be delighted with the news.
  13. Inspiration. It offers inspiring, motivating images that help followers find inspiration.
  14. Memes- fun content. The use of memes is a very effective resource and one of the most used today. You can share content that others have already done (always crediting the post to its owner) or try to create own memes in relation to your brand.
  15. Thank your fans for being there! You can take advantage to do it when you reach an objective or simply because you want to remind them how important they are.
  16. Mention, comment and share the publications of other profiles. It's a very easy and quick trick when you have no content to offer. You can share the publications of a celebrity or profiles that you think are relevant to the brand, so you can bring new fans.
  17. Promote limited offers on the website. You can reward followers by offering them a discount code on your page.
  18. Surprise with an infographic. Infographics are very fashionable and it is precisely because of its simplicity and clarity in the design that makes it so successful. Dare to inform followers in another way!
  19. Videos. Videos are a very useful graphics resource because they provide us with more seconds of attention than a simple image. Years ago they were only typical of platforms such as Facebook or YouTube but recently they have become popular on sites like Instagram or Twitter. Of course, be careful that to no make them too long or the audience will get tired before finishing it.
  20. Share some curious information about your company. Did you know…? It is the perfect call to action to get the attention of our audience and keep reading. Also, it can be very fun!

Now that we have given you a few ideas that can help you with the content of a digital marketing plan, we also want to remind you how easy it is to use our editor to create all the images the rest of social networks.

Find the inspiration you are looking for and conquer social media!

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