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Online editable infographics

Find the best creative infographic examples to edit online in one click. Making infographics for your business is so cool and simple with EDIT.org.

Create an infographic

Create an infographic for your business with the editable templates of the online graphic editor EDIT.org

Infographic templates maker and editor online


Create an infographic with editable design templates online

Infographics are very powerful visual communication tools. In a small space they can visually synthesize some important aspects of a project, business or company vision.

Creating an infographic image can be time consuming, but using our online editor's pre-designed editable templates will save you a lot of time and effort. The design templates are very varied and you can find shapes of bubbles, circles, pyramids, funnels, but also bar diagrams, thousands of copyright-free icons or complement them with photographs from the EDIT.org database. Also, you can find other canvas templates to start your project, such as Business Model canvas designs.

Infographic template for timelines editable online


Types of infographics for your business

These are the most common types of infographics, from most basic to more elaborate:

Infographic list template to edit online for free


Designing an infographic with the EDIT.org graphic editor is very easy

To create an infographic with our editor, you don't need to learn anything. You just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on any image on this article
  2. Select the infographic you want to use as the basis for your design
  3. Edit the template to personalize it with your data and texts
  4. Save changes online for later
  5. Download your infographic in JPG, PNG or PDF format

That's it, you can now share online or print your infographic image!

Custom versus comparison Infographic template


Edit and customize the infographics in one click

The templates in our online editor EDIT.org are all customizable. You can modify or adapt all its parts without knowledge of graphic design:

And much more! Enter the online editor and give it a try, you will be surprised how easy it is to use.


Design digital infographics to print or share online

At any time you can open a template and modify its size or proportion with the "Change size" button. The layout composition will automatically adapt to the new format without you having to redesign anything.

In this way, by designing your infographic only once, you can have the image in the format you want, either to print a poster or a flyer, to make a presentation with your work team or to share online on corporate social networks.

Use the editable infographic templates and start synthesizing your ideas, achievements and concepts in just a few clicks.

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Create an infographic
Create an infographic