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Edit a WBS template

Work Breakdown Structure free Templates (WBS)

Customize a free work breakdown structure template for your projects with the fully editable online designs of EDIT.org graphic editor.

Edit a WBS template

Create a work breakdown structure for your project with EDIT.org free templates.

Editable wbs project management template


Edit a WBS template (work breakdown structure) for your project

Such an structure is a crucial graphical tool used to organize and plan projects as it divides and defines all the necessary activities to do. Since it presents a clear and concise structure, it allows you to be efficient and know exactly what you have to do at all times or at what stage your project is at.

Apart from helping business managers or even web developers, you will find these designs very useful to prepare events, present project progress, or evaluate constructions. The type of structure you use will depend on the strategy or sort of product you need.

In any case, use EDIT.org's free templates to create a WBE easily for your company. Remember that in the editor you will also find templates to create your infographics, as well as different canvases such as the Business Model Canvas or SWOT, among many others.

Customizable project breakdown template


Customize a work breakdown structure template on EDIT.org

  1. Click on a design from this article, or go to the editor to get started.
  2. Choose the layout you like best to make your breakdown structure
  3. Edit it with all necessary sections and texts
  4. Save the layout to your user profile
  5. Download the final result to print or share online

Customizable free work breakdown template


WBS samples and examples to customize online

You can create a WBS in outline format, which in turn can be divided by the different independent activities, by project phases (initiation, planning, execution, control, and closure), or by the factors to be taken into account (summary, schedule, defects, and risks).

You can also make it simpler in column format, which is useful if you only want to describe the factors to take into account or the project phases.

Finally, you can also do it in a table if you want a more detailed result. This type of layout includes the people assigned to each task, each activity code, and the start and end dates.

Editable project breakdown structure template


Design and print your project or product breakdown structure template

Whatever type of format you choose to create your WBS, keep in mind that the design must be defined, simple, and not too overloaded. In this case, as it will be mainly for internal use, the content will be more important than the form. Include your logo and corporate colors.

Once your composition is finished, download it in the format that suits you best (JPG, PNG, or PDF) and save it in your user profile to make copies of it or to edit it again at another time. You will probably find it more practical to use the same template every time and adapt it to the new project every time you need it in a simple and fast way, that is to say, to use this document as a base sheet for all your projects.

Work breakdown structure free download

Start now by editing a WBS template in the EDIT.org online graphic editor.

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