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Edit an organizational chart

Edit organization charts online for simple organizations

Create an organizational diagram of your company with the online editable organization chart templates of the graphic editor EDIT.org

Edit an organizational chart
Edit this design
Edit this design
Edit this design

Visually show the organizational structure of your company with the simple organization charts of our online editor.


Create an organization chart for your company

Communicating effectively is one of the keys to success. An essential visual tool from the point of view of a company's human resources is the organization chart of the company.

There are different types of company structures, depending on whether it is more horizontal or vertical, large or small or if it works by projects or by departments, among other aspects. In either case, it can be very useful to create a diagram with the structure, hierarchy, connections between management and managers, etc.

An organizational chart is useful for the team, for onboarding new members, potential clients, or even potential investors.

Free organization template to edit online for free

How to create organization charts online

Creating a diagram for your organization can be quite a job and take more than an afternoon. Also, if you want to do it with a good design, it could take longer and not get an attractive result.

For this reason, at EDIT.org we have created templates that are very easy to use and adapt so that you can create your organization chart in just a few clicks, and with a spectacular result. You do not need knowledge in graphic design or spend hours creating the image in Photoshop.

Use the editable online templates of our graphic editor. It is a free online program and easier to use than a Word document, but with a much more attractive visual result. Keep reading, we explain how to do it in a few minutes.


Design your org chart with the online editor EDIT.org

Designing an image with the HR structure of your company will be very easy and you will be able to do it much faster than you imagine.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on any image in this article and you will enter the editor
  2. Select the org chart template you like the most
  3. Upload photos of employees or simply write their names and titles
  4. Edit and adapt the layout. Change the parts you want (colors, fonts ...) and upload your company logo if you want
  5. Save changes online. Later, it may be good for you to update it with the changes that arise in the employee or directive template
  6. Download your organization chart design in JPG, PNG or PDF


Use editable organization chart templates for Your Organization

It is done! It is that easy. You can use the editable templates online for your organization whenever you need it. It is so agile and useful that you can create versions or specific organization charts for each department. Whoever sees it will surely congratulate you!

In addition, you will have an image where each person in the company will be located and identified, so the sense of belonging to a group will increase.


Edit and customize an organization chart to print or publish online

You can use your design to print on paper or to publish on the corporate website or even on social networks (for example, we recommend that you publish it on Linkedin, since it is the network most focused on the workplace).

Wait no more, now is the best time to start. Enter the editor and create the organization chart of the company with a design as impressive, elegant or simple as you choose.

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Edit this design
Edit this design
Edit this design
Edit this design
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Edit an organizational chart