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Templates to create Canvas Business model online

Templates to create Canvas Business model online
Templates to create Canvas Business model online

Templates to create Canvas Business model online

Create my business canvas

Did you have a great idea or you are planning on starting a new company? If so, this is the time to translate that idea to a Business Model Canvas. With this document you will be able to learn how to create an effective business model and describe the basic aspects of a company or business.

All sections are related to each other, and it is very important that you define them and translate them into a document, in this case we have created different online templates of this model of Business Canvas Model so you can edit them online and create different versions. Here you have a couple of templates that you can edit in a few seconds. In our editor you have dozens of templates with different designs ready to edit online and completely free. You can also customize it with your logo and it will be perfect to understand your business.

You already have your template from the Canvas online business model, now you have to work and fill in the 9 different sections that make up this crucial document for your company:

  1. Key partners. Who are or will be your key suppliers or partners? Are you going to make a partnership agreement? Because you think this partnership will work, it's a win win, etc..
  2. Key activities. Write here the bullet points of your day-to-day routine. ¿What is the main activity your firm is going to carry out?
  3. Key Resources. At this point we will describe what resources our business needs. They can be: financial (how much capital do we need, whether we are going to borrow or need investors), human resources (how many staff we will need to develop our project), physical (if we need machinery, computers, offices, etc.) or intellectuals (brands). 
  4. Value proposition. What features and benefits does your product or service have? This is perhaps one of the most important points. In which we will define if the product exists or not in the market, if it is of greater quality or with better characteristics than others pre-existing etc.. In addition we can enumerate if the product or service has a differentiation by design price, or if it is a personalized product etc..
  5. Relationship with customers. How are you going to relate to your clients? It can be assistance in person, by phone, or by computer such as email. Or directly the client himself through automated processes can resolve their doubts. The ideal is that a customer can communicate with the company in any way, so the more channels the greater the satisfaction.
  6. Channels. Which are the channels with which you are going to convey your messages?
  7. Customer segments. In this section we will have to define our client, if it is a niche market, such as a baby carriage, the general public that could be a car. It can also be that your product adapts to multiple market niches. It is very important that you are realistic in this section, since one of the mistakes that is usually made is to believe that everyone is going to buy our product.
  8. Cost Structure. In this point we will define which are the costs that we will have in our business. They can be: initial costs to start the project (such as a vehicle or a computer), variable costs (such as purchases of material, which the more sales the more material we will need), fixed costs (personnel, supplies, rentals, etc.) or we can also talk about economies of scale and see how it will affect higher sales and lower costs.
  9. Sources of income. In this section you must describe what are the sources of income of your company, if they are for cash charges for selling a product such as a store. A payment for use such as a telephone line that the greater the use the more the customer is charged. Or a subscription model type SAAS in which recurring charges are made to customers such as Netflix or a gym. It may be that your business model mixes several of these sources of income, that will make your model much healthier.

When you finish making your business model canvas, you will have understood your business much better and it will surely be a success! Now try to select one of the templates of the canvas model that we have prepared to make this process much easier, you can edit them and download them for printing in pdf.


Create my business canvas
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