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Create original Twitter headers effortlessly with EDIT

Customize the Twitter header and get the attention of more followers thanks to this editor with hundreds of modifiable templates availible. Design the image of your cover for free and online.

Twitter headers
Create original Twitter headers effortlessly with EDIT

EDIT allows you to create an amazing design with which you will stand out among the millions of Twitter users. The best? You don’t need to have any idea of graphic design to get it. With EDIT, you can be the author of incredible designs created in a few minutes. The header of your account with the avatar that you have as a profile picture will define the image that the others will have of you. There are so many twitter profiles in the world that it is difficult to stand out from all of them, so it is important to differentiate in the first details like the header of the profile.

It will be enough to have clear what you want to get for your cover and open the editor to realize how easy it is to get it. Even if is your first time using the editor it will be very easy to familiarize yourself with it. EDIT has been created in such a way that the experience for the user is very easy and intuitive. In addition, we propose thousands of modifiable templates that can serve as inspiration if you have not yet decided or can give you ideas to make your creations even more top.

Creating the headlines for Twitter is as simple as following the steps below:

  1. Enter in the editor and choose the option "Images for Twitter headers".
  2. Choose among the hundreds of templates or start yourself from scratch.
  3. Insert your own image to change the background. Change and modify the publication like you want. Add text, filters, objects ... everything you need in a single click!
  4. Download the masterpiece and …
  5. Update the header on Twitter and leave your followers in awe!

We are aware that one of the biggest problems that can arise when creating and uploading a photo for the header is that the size is not correct and the image appears cut, pixelated ... in short, spoil all your job. To prevent this from happening to you, EDIT adapts the creation canvas to the correct size when you select the Twitter headers option. You will not have to worry about this problem anymore. Here we leave the recommended size for this type of publication updated for the year 2018:Recommended size Twitter header: 1500 x 500 pixels. It also supports other measures such as 1024 x 280 px.

If you are trying to make presence of your brand in Internet, EDIT will be your best ally, since it allows you to achieve the same design line in all the social networks and all the publications that you make. All this will help you strengthen the corporate brand, making the user familiar with the brand. EDIT permits you to save and edit whenever you want the designs that you have created inside the internal memory of the program. This will allow you, on the one hand, to have access to them from any device with Internet anywhere and anytime you need it and on the other hand to use the design of previous creations to design the new ones. This way you can get all publications and images for social networks follow the same pattern.

It is important to take care of this type of details because it is the first image that users have from you with your profile. If the header does not adapt correctly to the measures, or is unsubstantial for the user, it is likely that even bother to waste time in continuing to read the content you can offer. With EDIT you will only have to devote very few minutes to achieve incredibly satisfactory results.

Twitter headers