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Increase the number of followers creating incredible images in a moment. This editor allows you to create the best images for Instagram online, very easily and effortlessly.


Instagram is synonymous of image design. The level of demand for publications in this social network is among the highest. Moreover, you will  have to keep in mind that your "feed" follows the same design line in all the posts.

How can I get my Instagram profile stand out by its great design?

There are many things that you need to take into account to get an attractive profile and good content. In EDIT we have thought on everything and we want to save you time and effort through our online application.

In this editor you'll find hundreds of templates that will serve as inspiration and guide to start creating your personal brand on Instagram. Once you know what your style is and what approach you want to set for all publications, you' ll only  need to open the editor (in any mobile device, tablet, computer ...) and start to creating; you can copy all the modifications you have made to previous designs for the new one.

EDIT will turn you into a designer overnight with just a couple of clicks. One great advantage of using this editor to create images is that you can track your progress from any device with Internet access because when you register you can save the designs on your profile, as well as the different objects (logo, emojis ...) that you can load in the program to have them always available.

Getting a harmonious feed has never been so easy!

With this editor you won’t have to worry about anything else, not even the publications' size because it will already be predetermined according to the option you demand. You also have different filters to apply to your images, making them more attractive. The best? You can do it for FREE and in less than five minutes.
To achieve this you will only need to follow the following steps

  1. Enter in EDIT and select the option "Images for Instagram posts".
  2. Choose a template that suits the design you have in mind or start yourself from scratch.
  3. Change the background of the image, add or modify its typography, insert emoticons, logo ... completely modify everything you want.
  4. Download the publication and …
  5. Share it on Instagram and get ready to start getting likes!

Photo sizes for posts on Instagram

Although EDIT provides the exact sizes directly, it is up to you if you want to adapt all the photos in a square, vertical or horizontal way. We advise you to always do it in the same way to maintain a clear image in the feed. But don’t stop experimenting, you may find a creative combination that works, it is in your hands.

It's important to keep in mind that this platform automatically reduces the size of the images you upload to make them lighter. You'll have to take advantage with a maximum resolution for a better finish once the photos are published in the application.

The photo sizes of Instagram posts for 2018 are:

You should know that…

Instagram was born as a social network for those who love photography. Initially it was only available for iOS users but nowadays it’s one of the most used social platforms and in recent years, the one that has increased more the number of active users. Approximately 800 million people use this application per month.

Is the social network that generates the most engagement with the audience. It’s the perfect tool to complement a communication plan. In addition, other advantage  is the possibility of putting your profile as a business. In this way you can have access to a different series of statistics that will help you to know what content followers like the most. Since 2012, Instagram has become property of Facebook, something that is very interesting because it allows you to share posts simultaneously in both social networks or also share ads.

As we have said before, Instagram appears as an alternative social network for the lovers of photography, and although the audience is now much more open, the essence has not change. With this, we mean that in Instagram the most important are still the photos of the posts. If you want your profile to stand out from the others, you will have to be very good with the posts, because it doesn’t matter how far you get with a publication (thanks to the hashtags, location, labels...) if the photo is not good, you won’t have any type of interaction with it.

The image quality demanded by Instagram users is much higher than what we could expect for example in Facebook or Twitter posts. Therefore, you will have to be careful when editing the designs. Other things that are very valued on this site is that all the publications follow the same design. What do we mean exactly? Simply  we are referring to the overall image  of your profile, how good is the first impression that an user will have with the account; is what is known colloquially as "feed". You will have to be creative with all your posts individually but you need to take care that all of them follow a common line and all have the same style. For this, you should pay great attention to all the elements that appear in each image, as well as the image editions that you apply, the theme and the form. Don’t be scared, with EDIT it will take less than five minutes to have everything ready!


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