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Make YouTube Thumbnails Online

Get more views, likes, and subscribers on your Youtube channel by using EDIT.org editable thumbnails. Find thousands of free designs to boost your audience.

Edit a Youtube thumbnail

Discover the best YouTube thumbnails for your channel on EDIT.org and personalize them according to your style and personality.

Online graphic designs to promote youtube channel

Create YouTube thumbnails online for your channel

If you have a YouTube channel, your videos are competing for views and likes with many others, so it's essential to distinguish your personal brand from other profiles on the platform. Plus, a thumbnail is the first impression a person has of your video and the decisive aspect of whether or not they will click on it, so making an aesthetic thumbnail in a few minutes is essential. EDIT.org facilitates this by providing you with thousands of templates to make original and eye-catching thumbnails, predesigned to attract users' attention.

The editor also has specific articles full of ideas and recommendations to get the most out of your YouTube channel, as well as more tips on creating thumbnails. For instance, you will find extended information about how to make YouTube thumbnails, tips to add emojis to your thumbnails, and tips to boost views through personalized thumbnails.

youtube thumbnail pokemon template

Original Minecraft & Fortnite thumbnails

Imagine that you share Fortnite content on YouTube, since you're an experienced player. After you've spent hours in front of the screen editing the video, it doesn't reach a high number of views due to its basic, boring cover image. Furthermore, there are hundreds of similar thumbnails like yours, so users can't distinguish your content. Most of the time, you watch a video based on its thumbnail, so creating an impressive image is essential. 

EDIT.org wants to be the solution in such situations. It offers thousands of stunning, free templates that are customizable in a few minutes with all types of elements, filters, high-quality images, colors, and font styles. You can also save your previous designs to reuse them later and then follow the same style pattern in all your videos to create a personal brand. By doing so, users will recognize your channel by just seeing the thumbnail.

youtube thumbnail wow template

How to make YouTube thumbnails with EDIT.org

  1. Go to the editor and scroll down to find thumbnail templates, or click on any design in this article.
  2. Choose the template that suits your YouTube channel.
  3. Insert different texts, icons, stickers, filters, colors, and logo.
  4. Download the file in the format you need: JPG, PDF, or PNG.
  5. Insert the image as your video cover image and boost the number of viewers.

On the editor you will also be able to create an exclusive channel art for your YouTube channel, totally customizable according to what you do.

editor screenshot vlog thumbnail

Personalized YouTube video thumbnail images

Unlike other online platforms that require some experience to manage due to their complexity, EDIT.org is an easy and intuitive tool. You won't need to hire any professional designer, which is expensive and takes some time. These are some of the options the editor offers:

youtube thumbnail vlog template

Online graphic editor for your YouTube images

The editor, apart from offering designs for all types of videos, has many advantages for the user. Since it's online, for example, you can access it through any electronic device with Internet access, including cell phones or tablets, Android and IOS, at any time of the day. In addition, you won't have any size or file compatibility problems, since all the templates are designed with the appropriate sizes for YouTube. You can also automatically change the format to the file type you want with a simple click.

youtube thumbnail game template

Finally, remember that the editor has the option to save your creations within the user's profile in order to keep a similar style in all the designs, which will help you create your own personal image and give you visibility. This way, when someone sees one of your thumbnails, they'll know it's yours because they've already seen other videos like it. 

youtube thumbnail beauty

Don't hesitate; find your inspiration and start editing your perfect thumbnail now!

youtube thumbnail fashion trends template

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Edit a Youtube thumbnail
Edit a Youtube thumbnail