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Guide for the management of social networks of a beauty center

Guide for the management of social networks of a beauty center
Guide for the management of social networks of a beauty center

Nowadays, the presence in social networks is essential for our businesses to be visible. In addition, a good use of networks can bring large numbers of customers. Becoming a reference in the sector is a goal that can be achieved if we offer content of interest to users. For this reason, you have to make your beauty center is on the networks and start benefiting from all its advantages. Some of them are:


EDIT wants to help you make a radical change to your networks and start winning customers and followers. Therefore, we have prepared this guide to help you with the professional use of social networks in your beauty center.


What networks you need to be on

Of course, the more presence you have on the networks, the better it will be for your business. However, it is better to prioritize some networks to others in order to offer better content. Next, we show you the most TOP networks in which you should promote your beauty center:


It's the social network par excellence of beauty salons. Why? Because Instagram is just that, aesthetics. Therefore you have to take care of all your publications in this network. Always try to upload the designs with the same line to help the user recognize that they are yours. That is to say, it is not necessary to always include the logo of your salon because it will become heavy but use a concept, a way of editing that proves that it is yours.

Something that cannot be missing in your publications are the hashtags. Its use is key to give visibility to your business.  


It’s the network that can give more visibility to your business because it’s the social network with more active users in the world. However, Facebook is used in a special way, is very close and people use it to communicate with relatives and share interesting information for them. Therefore, if you want to succeed on this platform you must avoid including promotions and very direct advertising about your business. It’s better to talk about the new treatments and products you are going to offer and all their advantages, creating a very interesting content for users. Once you have added value, you can include a promotion of your establishment.


Many people are afraid of this social network because videos are not their strong suit. However, you shouldn’t waste the opportunity to make your business known through the YouTube world. There are countless possibilities for creating content on this platform, you can make videos from the promotion of a new product to show how a treatment is or show your local ... there are millions of possibilities and there is always new content to create!


We know that not all beauty salons, spa centres, hairdressers ... are the same, each has its needs, its audience and its essence. But when it comes to using the nets, they can all start from the same pattern and adapt it. Here are some ideas to publish content weekly:


Don't be scared! You'll be able to create all this content in the blink of an eye thanks to EDIT. We have prepared hundreds of templates especially to help you manage the networks of your beauty center. You won't have to spend more than 5 minutes a week to prepare all your publications.

Tips and advice

Other network management applications

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