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Marketing guide to promote tattoo and piercing studios

Marketing guide to promote tattoo and piercing studios
Marketing guide to promote tattoo and piercing studios

Marketing guide to promote tattoo and piercing studios

Edit a tattoo studio template

Make the best templates for the promotions, gift vouchers, discounts, or social media posts of your tattoo and piercing studio with EDIT.org and discover the wide range of possibilities we offer. Creating a whole communication plan has never been so easy!

This article is a small marketing guide for your studio. We present to you some possible posts and types of advertisements you could use to attract more and better clients as well as to grow your studio to its full potential.

On the one hand, we recommend using a whole set of posters ready to print. These branded packs have the same colors, texts, and elements, so they reinforce the style and personality of your studio. They include timetables, price lists, business cards, etc.

If you are on social networks, then you're surely publishing many pictures with the tattoos and piercings you do in your day to day, but have you thought about what other types of digital publications you could do?

After having analyzed several tattoo artists, we found out which are the designs that the best studios in the world use to reinforce their brand and improve communication with clients:

If you want to improve your marketing but still dedicate yourself to your work, with the EDIT.org editor, it becomes straightforward. You only have to select the template desired, modify its texts and colors, including your photos, and adding your logo. In a few minutes, you will have many images ready to publish on your networks with professional quality.

If you want to live off your passion, then keep in mind these 3 phases of the client: discovery, consideration, and decision. In the first one, clients discover your business and are attracted by your work. In the second, they like to see what options you offer which fit their desires (do you also do small tattoos? For men and women? On arms, hands, back ...?). They will also analyze your reputation. In the last one, they decide to go to you or not, taking into account the location and the price.

For this reason, it's fundamental your potential client not only discover and perceive your works but that you show them which type of other services you offer. Use different means and platforms for each phase (for example, Instagram or Pinterest with frequent posts, a webpage with ordered content and customer opinions, or private email), or mix everything in a single channel (for example, a website).

With this guide, discover the designer you have inside and start creating the templates of your dreams by conveying your brand's values and personality. Boost your business in a click with EDIT.org!

Edit a tattoo studio template
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