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Edit a tattoo studio template

Marketing Guide to Promote Tattoo and Piercing Studios

Promote your tattoo and piercing studio along with the Flash Day events with EDIT.org's editable templates, ready to print or share online in a few clicks.

Edit a tattoo studio template

Promote your tattoo and piercing studio with EDIT.org's editable templates. Add your logo, images, font, and colors. You can also create unique and customized designs for Flash Day.

Diseños editables para estudios de tattoos y piercings


Create a design for your tattoo and piercing studio

During the past few decades, the demand for tattoos and piercings has grown exponentially, which has caused the opening of new studios and related businesses such as laser removal. In this context, it's essential to carry out a good marketing strategy, both to communicate your opening hours and to make the artists' style known.

This EDIT.org article is a small communication guide for your studio. We present dozens of templates for all sorts of needs you can adapt to your studio's style. In the end, you can share your compositions on social media or print them in a few minutes.

Presentation template for tattoo and piercing studio, editable and customizable


Edit a template for your tattoo and piercing studio with EDIT.org

  1. Select a template from this article to get started or go to the editor.
  2. Choose the design you like best for your tattoo and piercing studio.
  3. Customize it with images, colors, text, graphic elements, and your logo.
  4. Save and download the layout in JPG, PNG, or JPG format.
  5. Print the design or share it on social media.

Editable tattoo and piercing studio banner template


Ideas to carry out on your tattoo and piercing studio

Tattoo artist presentation editable template

In any case, these designs work as your cover letter to the public, so you must convey your character and personality with your compositions. In all of them, include your logo and contact information so that people can get in touch with you.

Editable template to promote prices in a tattoo and piercing studio


Customizable posters and banners for Tattoo Flash Day

In addition to the templates mentioned above, don't forget to create a special design for Flash Day, announcing how it works, the conditions, prices, and the advantages of attending the event. For those who are not familiar with it, it's a day when the studio does a lot of tattoos at a low cost, and all the attendees can enjoy additional experiences such as live music, unique merchandise, and/or free drinks.

On EDIT.org, you can create flyers to hand out at the entrance, create a unique poster for the showcase, and advertise the event on Instagram or Facebook. On the platform, you'll also find Flash Day designs with Halloween and Valentine's Day motifs, as many studios choose to celebrate the event on those dates.

Editable Flash Day poster to customize online for free
Tattoo Flash Day design to edit online
Custom Flash Day Tattoo template for studios


Editing online banners for tattoo and piercing studios

Good advice is to follow the client's 3 phase pattern: discovery, consideration, and decision. In the first phase, they discover you and be attracted to your work. In the second, they'll want to see what options you offer that fits their desires (Do you do small tattoos? For men and women? On arms, hands, back, etc.?), and they'll also analyze your reputation. In the last stage, they'll decide to hire you or not, taking into account location and price.

Create designs for each of these phases. If you want to improve your marketing but still dedicate yourself fully to your work, the EDIT.org editor makes it very easy. Moreover, once the design is done, you can adapt it to the different formats you need in one click and save all the copies to edit them again at another time.

Like you, we're design lovers, and we hope that this small guide will help you grow to create the works that bring out your strengths. Edit a template for your tattoo studio now with EDIT.org!

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