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Create personal wanted designs in a minute

Create personal wanted designs in a minute
Create personal wanted designs in a minute

Create personal wanted designs in a minute

EDIT personal wanted design

Have you ever thought about sharing job opportunities in your business through social networks? It may not be the most widespread option but it works and we want to convince you of it. Read on if you want to know some reasons why you should try this employee search technique.


Through social networks such as Facebook or Instagram you can mainly share images that attract the attention of your followers. Even if you don't have many, it will be the users themselves who are in charge of spreading the news to friends and acquaintances who may be interested.

Most likely, all the applications you receive through social networks are people who are either a follower or know you from a friend who has already informed you about it. A great advantage of this is that candidates will already have a great idea about the company, mission, vision, objectives, how they address the public... all this is easy to know if your social profiles are cared for and managed correctly.

In this way, you ensure that the people who apply for the position do so with interest and prior knowledge of your company, something that does not always happen when applications are made through other portals.

In some cases, you will also be able to access the candidates' social network profiles. Although you should not be blindly relying on what is posted on the networks if you can get an idea of what the candidate's tastes are or what their lifestyle is like.

In any case, you should not obsess about this type of data since each one shows what they want in their networks, it is better if you think an interesting candidate to interview them personally.


As you can see, these are some of the reasons why you should encourage yourself to advertise your company's candidate search on the nets, but if we haven't convinced you at all, we hope that with what you'll see below you will.

One of the keys to the success of this employee search method attracts attention. For this, it is essential to have a good design for the image of the post. Generally, nobody stops to read the foot of the publications unless the image has not caught their attention, so it is important to include within the image the minimum and necessary information for the announcement of the job offer.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make such designs with EDIT you can create them with a single click without knowing anything about design. With EDIT you will find hundreds of fully editable and customizable templates in a very easy and intuitive way. Among the categories of designs you will find templates that have been created specifically for this situation: search for candidates for a job.

To adapt them to your profile, all you have to do is choose the design you like best and customize it. You can change the typography, size and color of the text, add your logo and change the background image among many other options. You will have your designs finished in less than 5 minutes and ready to share!


Take a look at the rest of the editor's functionalities, it can help you to improve your image in the networks and gain new clients, without wasting time or money. The more personalized and uniform your profile is on the networks, the better your brand image will be. Create all your designs with EDIT and you will notice the difference. If you have any questions contact us, we are happy to help.


EDIT personal wanted design
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