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Edit a retirement design

Customizable retirement card templates

Use EDIT.org's free templates to create all kinds of retirement designs for your company members. Customize & print them in minutes.

Edit a retirement design

Customize fun retirement cards for your colleagues from EDIT.org's free, pre-designed templates.

Customizable free retirement cards online


Create funny retirement cards for coworkers

While retirement is a much-anticipated time for the vast majority of workers, it is also an emotional occasion when the entire team congratulates and says goodbye to the person. While some companies make cards signed by the whole team, others organize celebratory events.

In either case, create a custom retirement design for someone on your team with EDIT.org from fully customizable pre-designed templates. You'll also find other farewell event designs ready to edit and download.

Editable happy retirement poster template


Customize a virtual retirement card or retirement sign at EDIT.org

  1. Click on a design in this article or go to the editor
  2. Select the card you like best to personalize
  3. Edit it with other elements, colors, icons, text fonts, etc.
  4. Save the layout
  5. Download the final result to print or share on social media

Editable good luck on your retirement card


Free cards with retirement wishes for coworkers to print

Give a personalized touch to your design thanks to all the options that the editor offers: insert the retired person image, play with the different types of text fonts, add your company's corporate colors, insert an element that identifies with the person who is leaving, etc.

In the end, save the final result in your user profile in case you need to create more copies (in case more than one person retires) or continue editing the template at another time. Download it in JPG, PNG, or PDF and maximum quality, and you will have it ready to print (and hang around the office, of course).

Start now with your retirement posters, banners, cards, or brochures at EDIT.org.

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Edit a retirement design