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Valentine's Day and couples Restaurant Menu templates

Valentine's Day and couples Restaurant Menu templates
Valentine's Day and couples Restaurant Menu templates

Valentine's Day and couples Restaurant Menu templates

Create my Valentine themed designs


Thinking about how to earn more profits for your restaurants at the weekends?  What about making a special menu for lovers’ dating? You may wonder couples will go for a romantic date at Valentine’s Day only, and people spend more money on Valentine’s Day than any other Saturday nights – yeah, it is true, but you should not overlook their regular dating. Try to attract your customers returning to your restaurants regularly after the Valentine’s Day.

If you are looking for unique weekend promotions and menus or create a romantic-theme event for your restaurant, you’ll be sure to find the marketing tips on this page.



The Must-Have Features to Create Couples’ menus and Promotions with EDIT

♥️ Add the sweetness by using the romantic or cute hand-writing font

Choosing beautiful calligraphy can make your design effortlessly romantic. EDIT provides you countless font style and you can also adjust the spacing of the text, colors, and sizes.


♥️ Catch the lovers’ eyes by adding the images of your meal or select lovely pictures from EDIT

You can either upload the photos of the main course such as pasta as a background to create a simple but stylish menu or choose the images from our millions of non-copyright pictures to create weekend’s promotion.  TIPS: choose a floral background with some flowers and tiny heart shapes to give the valentine’s vibe.

♥️ Divide your meal into different sections – Girls always have room for dessert

If you want to earn more profits, you can design a meal package for amorous couples to attract them, not just order a dish of pasta or risotto, but pay more to enjoy the cuisine. To make them hungry, you should include the starter, main course in your menu and don’t forget the most exciting part for girls – dessert!



More Marketing Tips for You to Delight the Valentines

♥️ No one will refuse it -Special offers and vouchers

Everyone wants to save the budget for the meal, but you want them to spend the money with you. Why not try to design the vouchers with EDIT for partners who order the special meal? For example, 5% off for the next visit. EDIT has already provided templates for you. You can attract their next visit to your restaurant again and they may become your loyalty diners!


♥️ Romantic decorations to enhance the mood

Try to put some candles, roses on the table, play romantic music and dim the lights. Your guests will be delighted and in love again in this romantic atmosphere, this may encourage them to order a couple meal.


♥️ Posters and banners for social media advertising

Young couples love using social media to search for restaurants. Post all the new designs on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on, you name it! If you want to make an accurate size for posting, just simply click the “Change size” on the right corner to either update or create a new design.

♥️ Print the marvelous design that you make.  Stick it to the wall!

People may come to your restaurants, but they may not recognize your new menu. Let’s stick it to any spot that lovers will see it and increase their appetite!

Create my Valentine themed designs
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