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Kids menu templates for cafes and restaurants

Edit a kids menu template

Create original kids menu templates for restaurants, with fun designs and colors. You can edit them online in EDIT.org, very easy and fast.

Create a fun kids menu

If you really think about giving the best to your clients, you have a great opportunity with children since there is something that all of them like: playing. We have prepared a few designs with fun illustrations and attractive colors to print and paint, and with fun games to entertain them.

5 types of children's menu designs for your cafe or restaurant

The menu is one of the most important value propositions of your restaurant or bar. Children's imagination is broad, and they love to enter fictitious worlds of pirates, dinosaurs, animals, or spaceships, for example. In EDIT.org, you can find many templates for children to entertain themselves.

How to create a personalized children's menu easily?

  1. Click on any image in this article
  2. Select a children's menu in the editor
  3. Customize the selected template
  4. Download the design
  5. Print or share the menu on your networks

Customize your menu template in the same graphic editor

Publish your menu online on social media

You already have your menu ready and downloaded in PDF, PNG, or JPG. Now you can print it, upload it to your website or share it on Facebook, Instagram, or any other corporate social network. We recommend sharing it online so that your digital environment can see what they can eat and also how fun your new menu is. Post a couple of times a week, and you will see how little by little you will grow in notoriety.

Designing a menu is easy and free

In EDIT.org, apart from all the templates for restaurants you can imagine, you can also find other ones for special moments like Halloween, Christmas, or Carnival, as well as for promotions, offers, or discounts. Don't wait more and discover all the children's menus on EDIT.org. Create a unique experience for children, and they will always want to return to your restaurant, and parents will be happy to take them back to have a great time.

Edit a kids menu template
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Edit a kids menu template