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Edit a Christmas Menu template

Menu templates for Christmas and New Years Eve

If your restaurant, bar, or hotel organizes Christmas or New Year's dinners, find in EDIT.org dozens of menu templates to edit online in a few clicks.

Edit a Christmas Menu template

If you have a restaurant, bar, or hotel and you are going to have Christmas or New Year's dinners, in EDIT.org we have created dozens of Christmas menu templates for those occasions to edit online in a couple of clicks.

Create the Christmas and New Year's Menu of your restaurant

Surely you are thinking about how you will decorate your space to create a good Christmas atmosphere. The Christmas lights, the welcome tree, and any little detail or idea can convey a pleasant and cozy environment on these unique dates of the end of the year. One of these details is the food menu, which you can personalize and adapt to these holidays when families gather for lunch and dinner, often in restaurants or other places for banquets or celebrations.

Create a special Menu for Christmas and its invitations, with images and motifs typical of these dates. Select the template of the online editor EDIT.org you like the most and customize it with your logo. Edit as many menus as you want in a few clicks.

Select an editable Christmas Menu template for free

In a few seconds, you will have your Christmas Eve menu ready for your customers to see. It is easier than editing a Word document, with the added value of a spectacular graphic result, typical of a professional graphic designer with great ideas. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Select one of the Christmas Menu templates
  2. Edit the design with your logo, the names of your dishes, etc.
  3. Save the design online. You can open it again from any other computer or device.
  4. Download the image file to your computer or mobile, in high quality and in the format you want (JPG, PNG, PDF)
  5. It is done! You can now print or publish it online

Design your Christmas Menu to download, in just a few clicks

Click on any of the Christmas menu designs and start editing it with your meals and logo. Use icons, clip art, and drawings of snowdrops, garlands, and snow, as well as floral motifs with red, white, and green backgrounds. Upload your photos or search in the editor database among thousands of royalty-free Christmas photos.

Your Christmas menu ready to print or share on social networks

Create menus to print or publish on social networks with designs and elements characteristic for this time. With just one click, you can change the size of your template to the format you need, and the composition will adapt automatically, so you can share it on Facebook or Instagram or print it on paper to hang on your bar or restaurant.

Enter now our graphic editor EDIT.org, register for free, and create the best Christmas atmosphere for your place with the most beautiful reasons for these dates. End and start the year well with the best design for each moment.

Edit a Christmas Menu template
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Edit a Christmas Menu template
Edit a Christmas Menu template