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Edit a Happy Hour template

Posters for Happy Hour promotions editable online

Create a poster to promote the Happy Hour of your bar or restaurant with the editable online templates of the graphic editor EDIT.org

Edit a Happy Hour template

Do you want to have more customers? Create a poster online to promote Happy Hour in your business with the designs of posters and flyers to edit for free on EDIT.org

Editable graphic designs to promote happy hour promotions

Promote your bar or restaurant with Happy Hours

Happy Hour is a type of promotion that consists of offering great discounts or even 2 for 1, usually on alcoholic beverages, during a certain time (for example, from 6 to 8 p.m.), a few days of the week or even every day. For example, a bar might offer half-price beer for a few hours each weekday.

How does Happy Hour work? It is a marketing strategy that, used well, generates income and increases the number of customers even after Happy Hour.

There are several key aspects that you should not forget:

You can also distribute flyers around your business, just before and during Happy Hour.

Happy hour template with beer, burger and pizza icons

Create a Happy Hour poster to promote your bar or restaurant

Communicating Happy Hour in a colorful and attractive way is the most important thing about this promotion. If nobody knows that there is this promotion, it is as if it does not exist.

Creating posters and flyers is essential to publicize this campaign. Also, if you have social networks you can publish banners with the same message.

Would you like to have your Happy Hours designs with impressive designs and in just a few minutes? We explain how. Plus, it's free!

Happy Hour banner template to edit online for free

Creating a visually appealing design will take you a few minutes with the templates in our online graphic editor EDIT.org.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on any image of this article
  2. Select the Happy Hour design you like
  3. Customize the template with your business logo
  4. Modify the texts, colors, icons ...
  5. Save changes online
  6. Download your poster, flyer or banner in JPG, PNG or PDF format

Take advantage of this business opportunity and create now your Happy Hour promotional posters for your bar or restaurant.

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Edit a Happy Hour template