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Posters to promote football matches in a bar

Posters to promote football matches in a bar
Posters to promote football matches in a bar

Is football live in your bar? Let everyone know!

Inform your customers about all of the football matches that will be televised in your bar to encourage them to come. Use attractive posters with phrases like "Live football here!"

On match days the bar's clientele can increase by up to 200% and so will your income these days, which is why it's so important for everyone to know that your establishment can provide this service.

To design posters to advertise football matches in your bar you don't have to invest a lot of time or money, you can do it with EDIT.

EDIT is an online image editor that has been designed as an easy and intuitive tool that facilitates the design to everyone. Its operation is based on fully editable templates that have been created by professional designers so that the user can customize them with a few simple clicks and get incredible results.

In the editor you will find templates that have been created specifically to announce these types of events, so you only have to select the model that you like best and customize it with the matches of the week and the logo of your establishment.

The more you work on the design, the more it will attract attention. In addition, once you finish creating your design in EDIT you can save it in your personal profile to make changes later (so you only have to change the date and teams each week).

Once you are happy with the final result of the design you only have to download it and select the format you want (.png, .jpg, .pdf). Depending on your usage preferences you can also modify the format of the design beforehand. We recommend that to print it and place it throughout your establishment and showcase but if your business is active on social networks also, don't hesitate for a second to share it out there as well. You never know where you will get customers!

Once you enter the editor and take a look at its options you will notice that we offer templates to cover all kinds of needs. In addition, you will find a section with specialized packs for the restoration sector, which you can use to improve the visual image of your premises. You will find them especially interesting to grow your followers in social networks and customers as well. If you want to know more about all this, take a look at this guide to managing social networks in the restoration sector.

Don't miss this opportunity to attract customers to your business, once you have made the investment to hire football for your bar, take advantage of it! And of course, if you have any doubt when making your designs, do not hesitate to contact us :)  


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