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Customize team lineup templates to print

Create lineups and display your team's tactics with EDIT.org's free, editable templates, perfect for all sports and 100% online.

Edit a lineup design

Customize lineup templates for different sports with EDIT.org's professional and editable templates. Print them in minutes!

Soccer lineup template to edit online for free


Create your team lineup template online

If you are a coach, journalist, or fan of a sport and you need to create images to inform and show the lineups, tactics, or game systems of a team, at EDIT.org, we have created the best lineup templates for you for the following sports:

All you have to do is move the t-shirt icons around the template, modifying the number and names of the players to represent the tactics you need to communicate. You can also include photos of the players and the team's crest. There's no need to open Photoshop or spend hours on the computer! In addition, you can use the editor from any electronic device: from your cell phone to your computer and even your tablet.

On EDIT.org, you will also find customized designs announcing the sports results at the end of the match, templates to make leaderboards, and even to announce a player has been renewed or signed.

Basketball lineup template to customize online


Edit printable line up cards at EDIT.org

It won't take you more than a few minutes.

  1. Click on any image in this article that you like. Or at the end of this article you will find many more.
  2. Customize the image as much as you want: include the players' names, the number of the bibs, the colors, the typography. Add your team's crest and the away team's crest.
  3. Save your changes.
  4. Download your design in JPG, PDF or PNG. You can also print it in high resolution.


Free football starting lineup template


Customizable templates to make sports lineups

Start the match! Your players want to know who's playing after a week of hard training on the field. So do the fans: they crowd the stands of the stadium with their hearts in their throats. The rest of the crowd is looking through the sports papers to find out which players are going to play against the opposing team. The excitement is growing... We have to win this match!

With these professional templates, you can rev up your audience's hearts with the power and strength of soccer, the technique of basketball, the excitement of baseball, the elegance and beauty of volleyball, and the unparalleled bravery of ice hockey.

Fans and players deserve a quality design that lives up to how vital the game they are about to play or witness is. Create a document showing the player names, and remarking who will be sitting on the bench as substitutes. It is also essential to include the coach name and other technical members - everyone is part of the road to glory!

Ice hockey lineup template to print


Print your soccer lineup template in minutes

The coach's bet is decisive! Success or failure is at stake! Who are the chosen ones? You can print in high resolution or create a banner showing which players take the field to communicate it to your audience most accurately and professionally.

In addition to the editing options mentioned above, you can easily add new text boxes for any information or remarks you want (the number of spectators, the stadium name, the name of the referee's trio, etc.).

Usually, it would take hours to create an expert design from scratch. But thanks to EDIT.org, this process can be done in seconds and in a fun way. Your creations will be automatically saved to your user profile so you can create copies of them or continue editing them at a later time.

Start now to make a banner or poster of the lineup of any sport and its tactics!

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Edit a lineup design