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Social networking guide for soccer teams

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EDIT.org has created the first communication guide for football or soccer teams. We'll provide you with some basic marketing notions as well as with customizable templates for sports clubs. By following all steps stated in this manual, you'll obtain positive results with a dedication of fewer than two hours a week.

The guide highlights some examples of how the proper management on a team's social media platforms can increase its number of fans and the number of players interested in being a part of your club. It has been written by experts in social network marketing and by analyzing dozens of success stories in clubs around the world.

Having active social networks is a basic element in any business in which people are a fundamental part. Through social media, football teams can interact with their audience and increase their engagement and motivation. It's also a straightforward way to get to know the fans' opinion. 

In this guide you will discover:



1. Advantages of good social network management

Have you ever stopped to think about the image your club is giving on social networks? If you've never thought about it, it's about time you did. Nowadays, if you're not on the Internet, you're nobody. But it's not just necessary to be there, you have to be constantly updated. That's why it's so important that you keep all your players and fans informed through interactions on social networks. Some of the advantages you will have with good management of your networks are:

      • Improving the aesthetic image of the club.
      • Making the club known to as many people as possible.
      • Generating greater engagement with followers.
      • Increasing the number of followers and team members.
      • More interactions with fans.
      • Creating a feeling of union among the fans which leads to more support.
      • New players interested in the team.

You'll get more chances to achieve such goals by dedicating just a little of your time to create good images. With EDIT.org, you will have your designs ready in a minute! Its use is easy and intuitive, so you don't need any design notion to use it. Unlike other programs, it's not necessary to do any previous course or paying hundreds of euros per year. 

2. Main networks to manage

Let's list which networks are essential. Although you should have all of them active, you can focus more on one. One of the most relevant functions of the editor is the possibility of adapting the size format to a specific platform, so it's possible to publish the same design in all of them without having problems with the different measures set by the applications.

The social networks that work best for a sports club are:

      • Facebook: is the social network par excellence for football teams as it allows giving all the information about the team and interacting with the audience. When someone searches for a football or soccer team on the net, one of the first things they look at is its Facebook. Therefore, share posts, questions, and stories for everyone to see what's going on inside the club daily. It also allows users to engage in a conversation through the messenger service.
      • Twitter: well-known for its immediacy, ideal for conversations with the followers, and to inform them about everything. Share news related to your team, injuries, or announcements. All tweets accompanied by images will have much more impact.
      • Instagram: the most fashionable social network and the one that brings the highest number of new users every day. On Instagram, the text is relegated to second place, so pictures are so important. Sometimes, the user has all information without having to read the caption. Share photos of the matches, future meetings, or results. 
      • YouTube: perfect for sharing videos of training or the best moments of the matches, for instance. Users also like to see the soccer or football match rebroadcasting and the best plays, over and over again. Share video previews on other networks like Instagram to attract more viewers.
      • Blog: is perhaps the social network that needs more time compared to any other, but once you get used to writing summaries or chronicles of the matches, your fans will value it. It's the perfect place to share interviews, club changes, and ultimately, all news that may be of interest. For a great image of the blog, don't forget to share photos and videos on other social networks promoting it. 

3. How to interact with your audience

It is one of the most vital points of the whole communication plan. You should always stay close and polite to your audience, even if you have to deal with offensive comments.

Avoid creating topics that could generate controversies that end in fights between fans. Don't let any comments or references to the account go unanswered. All comments and mentions are equally important.

Speed matters, so try to give answers in less than an hour even though it's understandable it's not always possible.

4. Image on social media

Although each social network is different, you have to maintain uniformity in the design to enhance the image of your brand, ie, the team. To achieve harmony, always use the colors of your team and the same filters or letters.

It's very important you take care of the quality of the images uploaded to the networks, especially in your profile photo. Then, be careful with the sizes. With EDIT.org, the images automatically adapt to the social network format needed.

      • Profile imageuse the same picture in all networks. We recommend using the most identifying symbol of the club, which is the shield. As mentioned, the quality must be the best since it'll be the first image users will see when accessing the account.
      • Cover photo: especially on Facebook, update it with the most relevant news of the moment. For instance, announce if you are in the middle of a campaign to recruit members, or if you have won any championship. 

5. Weekly calendar

Here's an example of what would be a good weekly content plan for Facebook. You can adapt it to any platform with a simple click:

MONDAY: birthday greetings

Make a special publication any player's birthday (it can be any day, it doesn't have to be just Monday). And don't forget to tag him or her! With this detail, you will bond with the players and interact with your followers, who will also want to wish him or her a great day.

TUESDAY: player of the week

After a match-laden weekend, it's a good time to reward those who have excelled the most. Although it may seem like a minor detail, it can serve as a motivation for the players.

WEDNESDAY: subscriptions campaign

Midweek is a perfect time to promote the recruitment of new members. You can advertise the subscription prices and make special discounts for a limited time.

THURSDAY: announcement of upcoming matches

Make a calendar presenting the matches for the weekend, specifying the times, the opponents and, of course, the stadium in which it will take place.

Always remember to keep your sponsors in mind as the more publicity you give them, the happier they will be. Therefore, make them visible in the stadium so that everyone can see them.

Publish photos of the training sessions a few days before the match. With this action, the fans will know the team has working hard for the game. Don't forget either to add some hashtags and tags.

FRIDAY: alignments

The day before the match, you can share the names of the players chosen to play.

SATURDAY: match day

The day has arrived! Keep all your followers informed about how your team is doing: share the team's goals and everything that happens on the pitch instantly. You can use Facebook Stories and Instagram for this. At the end, don't forget to publish the result!

We recommend you to use a predesigned template with your team's shield and a small detail of the colors of the club. Also, publish 3/4 photos during the whole match, especially in goal celebrations.

SUNDAY: the day after

It's the perfect time to congratulate the team if they win, or support it if it doesn't. You can post a picture with the coach statements or one of the players about how they felt on the pitch.

6. Sweepstakes

It's always a good time to have a detail with your club members and supporters by rewarding them with a draw. It's possible to draw whatever you want! For instance, tickets for the next match, matches of higher categories, the team's equipment, or balls with the players' sign. Your fans will appreciate it. One formula that works very well for raffles is to make those who want to participate have to follow these next steps:

      1. Follow your profile
      2. Like the publication in which the draw takes place
      3. Tag two (or more friends) in a comment

With these basic rules (you can add more) you will increase the number of followers. Once you have gained new followers and if the posts you share are relevant enough, you will make them keep following you.

7. How often should we publish

Thanks to statistics, you will know which are the days and hours in which your publications have a greater impact on the followers. Depending on the network, the frequency of posts will be higher or lower. Anyway, publish something in your main networks every day:

      • Twitter: the frequency of publication in this network can be higher than the rest since the Twitter exchange of information is constant.
      • Facebook: the idea is to share 1-2 publications a day, except the matchday in which you may need to share more.
      • Instagram: no more than 1 post per day is perfect so as not to be cumbersome with followers but to keep them informed of everything that goes on.
      • YouTube: it would be interesting a weekly use. As said before, offering videos with the best plays in the games or similar material would be excellent. 
      • Blog: at least one weekly publication. Share each time you post on the blog on the rest of social networks. 

The frequencies explained are an approximation and, in no case, an immovable rule. Each brand has to act based on its experience. An important thing to keep in mind is to be constant: it's useless to publish 7 posts in a day if the rest of the week your activity is going to be zero. Distribute the content and interact throughout the week with our followers.

8. What if your club has more than one team

It's quite common for a sports club to have teams in all categories, from pre-benjamin to veteran. That's why we recommend that you create a profile for each of them on different networks, especially Facebook. This way, you can keep your fans well informed without boring them with information that doesn't interest them. Thanks to EDIT.org's folder organization system, it's possible to structure all your designs and organize them by categories.

9. What else can you do with EDIT.org

The possibilities with EDIT.org are endless. In this article, we have only shown you a small example of what you can do with the editor. In our packs of adapted templates, you will also find designs for new signings, announcements of injuries, cards for the trainer, templates to congratulate your fans on holidays such as Christmas or summer holidays. Also, find more than 20.000 templates of different categories waiting to be edited.

10. Other apps to manage your networks

There are applications that can help you manage your networks. Some of the most important are:

    • Hootsuite: considered to be the most complete online tool to manage social networks. It allows the management of the different profiles from the same panel as well as scheduling all future posts in a single day. It becomes very practical as it's only needed to invest time one day a week to get everything ready. Hootsuite also provides a series of advanced statistics which analyze the investments you make in comparison to their return. It also offers different plans, but with the free version, it's possible to manage 3 social networks from the same panel, which is enough to make your business grow. 
    • TweetDeck: desktop app to manage multiple Twitter accounts very easily. It allows the control of notifications, messages, and mentions, and to schedule all the content you want.
    • Agora Pulse: it also allows the management of different networks simultaneously. Its main advantage is that it enables to closely monitor interactions with the audience, creating complete statistics which help know the best times to make posts, the day of the week, and type of content. 
    • Buffer: an ideal tool to create calendars of contents to organize social networks. Also, as in the previous case, it allows scheduling all posts. Its free version has some limitations, although it's easy to use. The great advantage of Buffer is that the App version is available, so all its management can be done from any smartphone.

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