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Edit a players template

Templates for new signings and player renewals

Announce new signings and renewals of the players of your club with the online editable design templates on EDIT.org.

Edit a players template

Announce new signings and renewals of your club's players with EDIT.org's online editable design templates.

Template maker and editor for new signings and player renewal and presentations


Create a layout to communicate new signings and renewals

The team players are the foundation of the club. Communicate each new signing or contract renewal with the best designs and reach the hearts of all the fans of your club. A good design can help you communicate with the fans of your club and keep them up to date with all the news regarding the squad of players and technical team.

You can use editor layouts to communicate a call to attract new candidates, renewals, announcements of new signings or player introductions, for example. Also, find out templates to announce tournaments or templates to announce match results.

New signing editable template for your sports club


How to make player ad designs with the online editor EDIT.org

Creating ads for your sports club is very easy. You simply have to click on any of the images in this article and you will enter our graphic editor EDIT.org. You will see that there are many pre-designed templates very useful for the day-to-day life of your club. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on an image of this article
  2. Select a template for renewals and transfers
  3. Edit what you need to adapt it to your club
  4. Save changes online
  5. Download your design in JPG, PNG or PDF format

It is done! You can now use the design to print or share online on your social networks and keep your followers up to date with sports news.

Renewal player editable template for your club


Adapt the renewal, transfer and presentation templates for your sports club

Try our graphic editor EDIT.org and you will be surprised how easy and fast it is to create designs for your sports club. You can make all the changes you need to the templates to customize them:

Free editable template for new signing presentations of players

And much more so that you can adapt all parts of the design. It's that quick and easy! You can modify the texts, upload the player's photo, the shield or logo of your club, the player's number, put the colors of your club, etc. Go now to our graphic online editor and create a design to present a new player for free.

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Edit a players template