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Edit a dinner menu template

Free printable dinner menu templates

Create a design for your restaurant dinner menu online with EDIT.org free customizable templates, easy to edit in minutes.

Edit a dinner menu template

Customize a dinner menu for your restaurant with EDIT.org's free editable templates.

Editable blank dinner menu template for restaurants


Create an elegant dinner menu online

While some restaurants have a fixed set of dishes throughout the day, others offer different lunch and dinner menus. Evening menus are usually more complete and with more elaborate recipes, so the price is usually a little higher. While the midday menu has a more informal character, the evening menu is when you can offer a more special service with a more elegant style.

Create a dinner menu for your restaurant on EDIT.org from free customizable templates that you can easily edit in just a few clicks. On the editor, you will also find designs for dessert menus, drink and cocktail menus, or wine and liquor menus that you can use complementarily.

Free printable dinner menu design


How to edit free menu templates at EDIT.org

  1. Click on one of the menus in this article or go to the menu editor.
  2. Select the one you like the most for your restaurant
  3. Easily customize it to your liking
  4. Save the composition
  5. Download the final result to share online or print

Customizable formal dinner menu template


Weekly lunch and dinner menu designs

Add to your design all the elements you want to adapt to the type of food you offer and the style and image you want to give to your business. As evening menus tend to have a more refined touch compared to lunch menus, use simpler and thinner text fonts and light colors. For example, you can use your corporate colors or those that most represent you and tone them down using the editor's color palette functions.

On the other hand, don't forget to insert in all your creations additional information about some dishes' ingredients or the allergens they may contain or traces of gluten. You can also add your social media information or phone number if your customers want to book a table.

Customizable dinner menu design for restaurants to edit online


Customize a menu for every occasion

Even if you use the same food menu template every night, take advantage of all the holidays and special dates on the calendar to create a new design and surprise your customers. Special evenings such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine's Day, or New Year's Day require a specific menu, so don't miss the opportunity.

You can also use the same template you use for your menu to communicate the special meals of the day or the possible promotions and discounts you offer through social media or your website. Apart from speeding up the design process, it would allow you to convey your message more directly and effectively.

Free dinner menu template to edit and print online


Download and print your free dinner menu template

Once you have your design ready, download the final result in JPG, PNG, or PDF and print it. You must save the composition in your user profile to modify it according to the corresponding night menu. If it is convenient, create copies of the template to adapt it to the different needs of your business and the different formats you need.

Start now to edit a template to create your dinner menu with EDIT.org.

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Edit a dinner menu template