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Edit an anti-bullying poster

Free Anti-Bullying Posters for Schools

Customize free anti-bullying posters for schools with EDIT.org's online editable templates, ready to print.

Edit an anti-bullying poster

Personalize EDIT.org's free templates to create personalized anti-bullying posters that you can easily print in a few clicks.

Free anti bullying posters for middle schools


Create an anti-bullying campaign poster online

If you work in any educational center, be it a primary or secondary school or even in an academy or after-school program, create posters against bullying and harassment to hang up. Unfortunately, many children still suffer from this sad reality, so it's essential to create the best possible environment to avoid this situation, as well as to give tools to the youngest to prevent and combat it.

On EDIT.org, we have prepared pre-designed templates so that you only have to take a few minutes to customize them to your liking, then you can print them quickly and easily. On the editor, you'll find posters for children and posters designed for high schoolers, plus simpler designs for posters against cyberbullying.

Other templates that can be very useful are the class schedule templates, lesson plan templates for teachers, and customizable school menu designs.

Free anti bullying posters for kindergarten

How to make anti bullying posters on EDIT.org

  1. Click on an image in this article or go to the editor to get started.
  2. Select the "stop bullying" poster you want to edit.
  3. Customize it with all the elements you want.
  4. Save the final result.
  5. Download your design to print in full resolution.

Editable bullying and harassment posters to print


Printable "no bullying zone" posters for schools

Once you have your poster finished, save the design in your user profile to continue editing later or to make copies of it. For example, if your school has several grades from kindergarten to high school, you can edit a single template from which you can create anti-bullying posters for both younger and older children, adapting the type of images, colors, and texts.

Start now to edit your poster against school bullying on EDIT.org and make all those who see it aware of the importance of being a good classmate.

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Edit an anti-bullying poster