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Edit an exchange program template

Designs to Promote Exchange Programs

Advertise your institution's exchange programs with EDIT.org's free online templates, ready to customize in minutes.

Edit an exchange program template

Advertise your student exchange programs with totally original designs. Find free templates on EDIT.org to create your posters or flyers online in minutes.

Editable templates for educational exchange programs


Create customized foreign exchange student programs for your institution

It's becoming increasingly common for students from all over the world to undertake an exchange experience abroad. Apart from enabling students to improve their grasp of a language and enhancing the curriculum in general by developing new skills, such programs also involve personal growth and a great sense of satisfaction.

If your institution organizes these programs, it's essential to take into account these benefits and unique aspects mentioned when advertising them. You should not only provide informative data such as duration and price, but also the benefit of meeting people from all over the world, cultural immersion, and/or the feeling of self-fulfillment. 

For this purpose, EDIT.org offers different fully customizable templates to communicate your exchange programs simply and effectively, whatever your institution (university, school, language school, company dedicated exclusively to these programs, etc.). Find the ideal design and adapt it to your needs in just a few clicks. 

On the editor, you'll also find designs to advertise language courses and online classes and courses.

Customizable brochures and posters for study abroad programs in high school

How to edit a student exchange program poster with EDIT.org

  1. Click on a design in this article or go to the editor to get started.
  2. Select the template you like best for your program.
  3. Customize it with your own text, images, logo, colors, and more.
  4. Save the layout.
  5. Download the final result to print or share online.

Editable study abroad poster template to edit online

Advertise your exchange programs with study abroad flyer designs

Keep in mind that it's not the same to advertise a language exchange program as an exchange between universities, so it's important to include elements that visually identify the program in question. An example of this could be to add flags of other countries in the composition to clarify that it's a language learning program. In short, play with different elements to customize the final design as much as possible, without forgetting to insert the logo and corporate colors of your institution.

In the end, save the composition in your user profile to continue editing it at another time or create copies of it. You can also create the same design from a single template in different formats. Print them to hang on the wall or share them on social media. By using the same design template, you'll promote a unified concept of your company or agency and convey a more professional image.

Start editing your exchange program brochures now with all the necessary details in EDIT.org, the online graphic editor.

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Edit an exchange program template