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Edit a design for universities

Customize a great promotional university banner for free

Design posters, flyers and cards for your university campus, accommodation services, and courses with EDIT.org's free templates. They are really easy to edit!

Edit a design for universities

Customize EDIT.org's free templates to create leaflets, banners, cards and posters for universities. Edit and download your designs in minutes.

Editable university brochure design for internships


Create university brochures, posters, and cards

Do you work at a university or college? We've created these awesome editable templates for you so you can design great-looking brochures, IDs, and announcements in less than a minute:

At EDIT.org, you can customize professional templates by simply modifying the text, images, icons, and colors. You'll see that it's as easy and fast as using Word, but with the results of a graphic designer. We have all the editable solutions you need. On the editor, you will also find templates for diplomas, designs to promote online courses, brochure templates for exchange programs, free templates to make syllabus, or even posters to announce graduation ceremonies.

Free designs to advertise college accommodation


How to customize a college leaflet design with EDIT.org

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Select the template you want to customize. To do so, click on one of these article images or go to the editor to get started.
  2. Customize the design with your texts, colors, corporate logo, images... There are no limits!
  3. Save your layout. It will save you time if you wish to make some changes later.
  4. Print in high resolution your final design or download it to share it on social networks or website

That's it! You'll see how you'll save us in your favorites!

Editable banners and flyers for college scholarship


Editable campus flyer templates to promote events and programs

The educational offer is getting wider, so it is essential to differentiate yourself from other centers to make future new students bet on you. As we know the advertising process can be costly and difficult, at EDIT.org, you will only have to select those elements of the templates that you want to modify and customize the designs to adapt them to the needs of your center. You will see how easy it will be.

We recommend using the same corporate colors in your brochures, banners, cards, or posters to reinforce and enhance your corporate image. It is also good to include photos of your services, teachers, or facilities that represent the spirit and personalization of your institution.

Although you can play with various fonts, it is advisable to use more formal typographies to transmit more confidence. And don't forget the logo or contact information.

Customizable banner designs for university admission


Download custom higher education banners in minutes

At EDIT.org, aware of how hard it is to run a successful educational center, we want you to reduce advertising and design costs thanks to our templates made by professional designers. You can customize them as you wish in just a few minutes and download them to print or share online in excellent quality. This way, you will save a lot of time, and you can create your designs independently. Our editor is 100% intuitive so, once you enter it, you won't waste half a minute to start creating. The result will make you proud!

Start now to create your ads and flyers to promote your university!

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Edit a design for universities