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Edit a back to school design

Templates for your Back-to-School campaigns

Edit free back-to-school posters, banners, or promotional flyers online for your business or institution.

Edit a back to school design

Customize pre-designed templates for your back-to-school campaigns or events with EDIT.org, the online graphic editor.

Back to school flyers ideas and templates


Create a customized back-to-school poster for your business

Back-to-school doesn't just affect students, but rather everyone who starts a routine again after the summer. For many businesses, it's a crucial seasonal campaign that lasts from July to September, with its peak at the end of August.

During this period, there are frequent advertisements and offers for school supplies, clothing, or furniture, as well as computers, accessories, and other electronic devices. On the other hand, around this time it's also common for institutions to organize parties and open house events for welcoming the new academic year, aimed at both students and families.

Back-to-school designs should include a personalized message and design for the target audience, which may be children, teenagers, parents, or teachers, depending on the product being sold or event being organized. This task can be complicated if you don't have sufficient knowledge of design or if you don't know how to attract the attention of those for whom the designs are intended.

That's why at EDIT.org, we bring you customized templates so you can create your own back-to-school posters, banners, and promotional flyers, fully adapted to the needs of your business. You won't need to spend time or effort to achieve eye-catching and professional results.

Editable templates for back to school sale


How to edit a back to school design with EDIT.org

  1. Click on an image in this article or go to the editor to get started.
  2. Select a back-to-school design from the available options.
  3. Edit the template with the text and elements of your choice.
  4. Save your changes online.
  5. Download the final result to print or share on social media.

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Templates for back-to-school parties, giveaways, and offers

First of all, edit promotional posters or banners announcing your discounts, promotional codes, or other benefits your business offers, such as free shipping. Include images of your products in your designs with the before and after price difference.

If you work in an educational center, you can create flyers and promotional posters for your open houses or parties, specifying the different activities, the date, time and place, the admission price, and/or the advantages of attending (meet the teachers, see the facilities, etc.). If, on the other hand, you're organizing a party for students, you can also edit party posters easily.

Many businesses and institutions also organize contests and raffles for school supplies and other products. These are useful to attract the attention of all participants and create some engagement. Create designs with the raffled product packs and specify the conditions of participation.

In any case, add the logo of your business or institution, as well as corporate colors and elements that fit the design target audience. For example, if you organize a party for the little ones or promote school supplies for children, use eye-catching drawings and colors.

Editable poster for back to school parties and events


Edit and print EDIT.org's back to school posters and flyers

Once you've finished your design, download it in the format that suits you to share on social media or print. You'll be able to save your composition in your user profile to continue editing it at a later time or to create copies of it. For example, if you need a poster to hang in the shop window advertising discounts, you can design your own poster, make a copy, and transform the format of the copy to a banner size. In addition, using the same graphic characteristics (fonts, colors, icons, etc.) in all your creations will help you project a more uniform and coherent image of your brand.

Finally, remember that it will be profitable to mix physical content with digital content since the back-to-school campaign encompasses different audiences. In addition, online presence is essential as many of the back-to-school sales in recent years have been online. For online campaigns, remember to insert purchase links.

Editable welcome back to school poster ideas

Start creating your back-to-school designs now with the free templates from EDIT.org, the online graphic editor.

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