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Music concert poster templates

Music concert poster templates
Music concert poster templates

One of the most important things that will make the public decide whether or not to go to one of your concerts is to have an attractive poster, with a professional design.

As we know, hiring a graphic designer is not something that is within reach of all pockets, we want to help you and guide you so that you can create it yourself. In addition, once you have become familiar with the method we propose, you will be able to create all the graphic resources you need, either to gain followers in your social networks or even create personalized tickets for the events without having to use complicated programs such as photoshop.

How is that possible? Very easy, using the right tool: EDIT

EDIT is an online graphic design editor that has been created to democratize the world of design, allowing even those who have no idea to create their own graphic pieces with professional results. Through totally modifiable templates you will be able to adapt to your needs a design in a template that has been previously created by a professional designer.

You can change the text, typography, elements, colors, background ... everything you want to a single click.

The editor is organized in different categories according to the needs of different sectors. You can find a category that has been created specifically for concert and festival posters. Within this category, you will find a lot of concert poster ideas. It doesn't matter if you need a poster for a classical music concert or a rock festival. There are over 50 designs to choose from and you can always start designing with a blank canvas if you can't find what you're looking for.

Below we want to give you a series of tips for you to take into account when you start designing your poster…


The simplest formats work best, don't overload the space with too much information as it will be overwhelming to the eye and important information will go unnoticed. Avoid including unnecessary information such as typical phrases such as "We expect you!" or "Don't miss!" but don't forget to put key aspects such as the location, date, time... and of course if the ticket is free, it is something you have to highlight.

Too much information means loss of attention for the public.


Typography is another of the most important elements in a poster. It must be easy to read. Try not to mix more than two different fonts in the design.

In addition to the typographies proposed in our templates with concert posters, we have a selection of typographic combinations pre-selected by professionals to help you with your choice.

For information such as the band name, dates, time, and place... we recommend using a thicker typeface and for secondary information such as ticket price and other legal aspects you can use a typeface with a thinner thickness.


Be very careful with the colors you use, and especially how you combine them! Look for a combination of colors between the background and the contrasting letters, to make them easier to read. For example, if the background is black, use white colors for the text. Of course, you can also use daring combinations.

You also have to take into account where the posters are going to be hung because depending on the light, too bright colours may be illegible. You can try to make two versions, print them and get an idea of how it will look (with EDIT you won't take long to get the two models ready to print). Many times the colors change a lot from seeing them on the computer screen to seeing them live, keep in mind.


Before you finish your design, check it out. Check the typography (as many times as necessary) and also the text you have written if it is correct, dates, times... Check that no important information is missing so that people can go to the concert. Make sure that all the elements are well squared (you can help yourself from the guides that appear in the editor when moving texts or objects).


You'll have your poster ready to print and share on social networks!

In addition, we invite you to take your time and research the editor, as you will find different templates and designs that can help you make all the post for your social networks, something essential to reach your audience today. In addition, once you register you will be able to access to all your designs from where you want, when you want, you only need a device with access to Internet to take again the design where you left it and to have it ready in a minute.

What are you waiting for to try it?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write, we are here to help.

Ready to impact? Use EDIT for free! Design now!