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New tool: combinations of fonts

Use EDIT.org's font combinations to create original designs for your business. Discover the best customizable templates for your images

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Find at EDIT.org's online editor hundreds of combined fonts to make your templates more spectacular and original. 

Online font combination maker with free templates


Best typography combinations for your designs

Typography has as much relevance as the image since it often works as the basis of the piece's overall design. The letter can inform us of many things and in fact, brands use typographies according to the values they want to convey to their audience (for example, an elegant clothing brand will never use typographies that are urban or modern). For all these reasons, make a typeface's previous study and avoid doing trial and error.

There are millions of different typefaces, and until now, at EDIT.org, we have made a selection of the ones we thought best suited to your designs: clear, eye-catching, and modifiable to your liking.

Recently, we wanted to go a step further. In the same way, you can select templates now you can also select font combinations.


How to add typography font combinations in your designs

  1. Choose a template to edit according to your business needs
  2. Edit the design as you wish by inserting your images, elements, logo, etc.
  3. Write the text and try the different combinations we propose, not only of font styles but also with different colors.
  4. Save the composition
  5. Done! Download the design in JPG, PNG, or PDF format.


Free editable templates with typography color combinations

It's that simple! The final result of your creation will be as if a graphic designer had taken care of it just as you imagined it. You will save time and money doing it on your own and from any device with the Internet.

Remember that if you are editing a template for your company, as always, try to follow the brand's corporate line: same colors, font style, and logo. This way, you will project a more solid and uniform image of your project.

Modify your design now with these new combinations! What are you waiting for?

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