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New tool: combinations of fonts

New tool: combinations of fonts

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Discover in EDIT.org the most incredible font combinations to enhance your designs, as well as many templates for the communication purposes of your business.

In EDIT.org we continue to look for ways to make your job easier! Now, besides being able to choose the typography, we present combinations that will make the designs even more incredible.

In images with text included, the importance of both elements (typography and text) is equivalent. There are millions of different fonts. So far, in EDIT.org we had made an assortment of those that we think will best adapt to your designs; clear, striking and fully modifiable to your liking. But it was not enough... we wanted to go a step further and now, in the same way that you can select the templates, you can select combinations of typography.

Professional designers take a long time to find the right type for each piece. Why do they give you so much value to this? As commented before, typography is as important as the image itself, often the basis of the overall design of the piece. The correct choice of typography can be the difference between a masterpiece or a project prepared for the garbage can. The style of text doesn't have to be chosen according to the image and to try which is better, but it has to have a previous study. The letter can also inform us of many things. Brands use fonts that are always in accordance with the values they want to transmit to their audience. For example, a classic clothing brand will never use typefaces that are urban or in manuscript style.

On the other hand, getting combinations of fonts is also a nightmare and a hard process. That is why the EDIT.org team continues to work every day to facilitate all the design work for you.  As a novelty, we have also introduced in the editor an election of combinations of fonts that we invite you to try.

Sure it has happened to you more than once, you have an incredible idea, the design and you love it, but when you add the text you have not idea how to do it. You don’t find a typography that fits, nor do you know how to place it. If you are making an image for your company, as always, try to follow the corporate line of the company. All this will be much easier now with the new function that we present in EDIT.org.

The steps to follow? The same as always,

  1. Choose the type of template depending on the publication you are going to create.
  2. Choose the design that best fits what you had thought and begins to design. Once you have the template you can modify the background image and all the elements that are in it, including the text.
  3. Write what you want to appear in your image and try the different options that we propose. In addition, we have prepared a selection of color mix that will help you when choosing the colors of the text.

As simple as that, the final finish of the creation will be professional, as if a graphic designer had been in charge of doing it exactly as you imagined it. The best, is all the time and money that you have saved by doing it yourself and from anywhere. Thanks to EDIT.org you can work from the train, from your bed ... from wherever you want as long as you can access the Internet.

Many of you have written about typography and the difficulty of finding the right design. We work every day with the objective to offer you an editor that will facilitate your work and help you to invest your time in things that really matter.  Stay tuned because new surprises are coming soon...

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Customize a template here