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Edit a tea party invitation

Free printable tea party invitations

Create the best tea party invitations, posters & flyers for your event with EDIT.org's free customizable templates. Edit & print them in minutes.

Edit a tea party invitation

Choose from hundreds of templates on EDIT.org to promote your tea party event. On the editor, find customizable designs to create the publicity you need for your event.

Editable design for tea party
Customizable flyer template for tea party


Create a Tea Party invitation online

It is said that Catherine of Braganza managed to export the social concept of afternoon tea from Portugal to England, and then it spread all over the world. Today, afternoon tea is much more than a drink and has become a ritual that combines all the tea flavors with sandwiches, cakes of all kinds, or typical sweets of the region.

Whether you have a coffee or tea shop, organize a tea party in your business premises or hold an event in your office, you can create custom designs on EDIT.org and use them to advertise your tea parties. In addition, you can share it on your social networks to get as many attendees as possible and give visibility to your business.

Having cozy and warm premises is a crucial aspect for this type of proposal to succeed. Make sure to improve it as much as possible. Making customized posters, invitations, or banners for the occasion will be of great help.

At EDIT.org, you can also design menus of all kinds for whatever you need, such as coffee menus or dessert menus.

Customizable brochure for tea parties
Editable flyer for tea time


Customize a Tea Party flyer at EDIT.org

  1. Select one of the tea party templates
  2. Customize the design with your menu options and place
  3. Save the design online
  4. Download the image in PDF, JPG or PNG
  5. Print it and send it as an invite or share it on social media

editable banner for tea parties


Print your Tea Time designs in minutes

Communication must be reaching the right people and through appealing visual messages to achieve the highest number of attendees. To do it, it is necessary to decide what type of advertising you will use. Is it better to print it or share it online?

In any case, insert images of the other parties you have organized or images of your establishment. You can add icons and elements that refer to the tea. Change the text fonts and the information that appears by adding the date of the event and the location. You can also modify the colors and insert your corporate logo.

When finished, save the template in your user profile to continue editing it at another time if necessary or create copies of it. You can use it over and over again for your events and modify it if necessary. Quick and easy!

Customizable free flyer for tea parties

Go on the editor and edit a free tea party template now and increase the amount of clients at your tea place.

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Edit a tea party invitation