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Boost views with customizable YouTube thumbnails

Design Youtube thumbnails for your channel following some tips and using EDIT.org templates. Obtain professional results and raise the number of followers.

Make your thumbnail

Design the best Youtube thumbnails for your channel following the tips stated in this article. You can use EDIT.org templates to obtain professional results and raise the number of viewers and followers.

Create custom Youtube thumbnails for your brand

The importance of YouTube thumbnails has grown over the years to the point that nowadays, the thumbnails are more relevant than the content of the video itself when it comes to the number of visits to your channel. 

Thumbnails can make a user instantly interested in watching your video. Basically, it is the main element that can differentiate your video from others with similar titles and descriptions. When a viewer is searching for specific content, your video may not be the first option. However, a user will click on it if the thumbnail is eye-catching enough. In this world, the first impression is what matters.

Editing a simple photo correctly can bring more views to your channel. Do it is easy! Log into EDIT.org, our online editor, and start creating your design. It is a fast and easy process, and due to the large variety of templates and options we offer, the result will be personalized. 

Tips to make the perfect Youtube thumbnail for your channel

1. Create your own brand image

You must create an original reoccurring design allowing any video on your channel to be easily recognizable by just looking at its thumbnail. This is called branding, and it will help you to create your personal style. EDIT.org allows you to save up to 10 designs for free and unlimited banners in our premium version, so it will be super easy to stay consistent with your designs.

gamer youtube thumbnails

2. Colors

Another point to take into account is the use of the colors. The line of colors you choose must always be the same to maintain that personal image. When using bright colors, be careful! The trick is to use a few colors that compliment each other. We recommend not using more than 5 colors in total, including background and text. Moreover, the greatest contrast should be between the image background and the title.

Like all the actions you do to improve your channel, you have to keep in mind who your target audience is. For instance, with our templates, you will see how the pattern for the gaming or vlog thumbnails has some striking letters with bright colors.

3. Text

The text is crucial since you are only able to focus on a few words describing what the video is about. The type typography is vital too. Ideally, you would use the same font throughout the video, which will reinforce your image. The message must be short and concise as we seek to attract attention.

You will also have to use a large size. The position will depend on the image you have created for the background, but not be afraid to place it in an inclined way or some crazy manner as it helps to attract attention. The proposed designs from EDIT.org will give you some ideas on how to place the text.

youtube thumbnails make up

4. Background

It completely depends on the target audience. If the channel is about video games, the background will not be the same as if you are a vlogger, so think also about your topic and the feelings you want to convey. For instance, in case you are a gamer, the background image should include something related to action like fire or explosions. 

Always try to insert your photos and not use Google pictures as you will find many thumbnails with similar backgrounds to yours. Remember that forefronts photos work better. Also, don't forget that if you have a logo, include it as a watermark in the thumbnails.

5. Use emojis 

You can use different emojis to make the design of thumbnails more attractive. Be careful not to overload the image since the image is of a very small size. Inserting the emojis will not be a problem if you create it with EDIT.org, because it has a huge amount of options and in just a click, you can easily add them.

travel youtube thumbnails

Visit now our editor and start creating your perfect thumbnail, no matter what your channel is about. Furthermore, browse our 20.000 available designs ready to customize in a few minutes, always obtaining competent results. Get started now with your thumbnails!

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