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Edit a Youtube thumbnail template

Boost views with customizable YouTube thumbnails

Customize free Youtube thumbnail designs at EDIT.org. Discover the best editable templates to create images for your YouTube channel.

Edit a Youtube thumbnail template

Create your own YouTube thumbnails with the EDIT.org graphic editor. Generate engagement with your followers and get the most out of your videos to gain more views. 

Editable Youtube banner maker with free templates


Customize Youtube thumbnail templates online

YouTube thumbnails are just as important as the video content itself as they can get users interested in your channel. With these designs, you should differentiate your videos from similar videos with attractive and original images. First impressions count!

Something as simple as editing a simple photo in the right way can give your channel the desired views. All you have to do is enter the EDIT.org online editor and start creating your design quickly and easily from pre-designed and free templates. Read on to find out how!

Editable Youtube template for thumbnails
Custom gaming Youtube thumbnail template


How to edit a free Youtube thumbnail template at EDIT.org

  1. Click on a template in this article or go to the editor to get started.
  2. Select the thumbnail you want
  3. Customize it by following the tips in this article
  4. Save the composition
  5. Download it in maximum quality to upload it to Youtube

On EDIT.org, you will find other practical articles for your Youtube videos. Discover how to insert emojis into your thumbnails and other tricks to customize your channel.

Simple Youtube templates to customize
Free travel blog template to edit online


Tips to make the perfect Youtube thumbnail for your channel

To edit the template selected, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Create your brand image

You should create and follow the same design pattern that will make any video on your channel easily recognizable and identifiable, which will help create your brand. EDIT.org allows you to save up to 10 designs for free (unlimited designs in its Premium version), so it will be super easy for you to follow the same graphic line in all your compositions. At all times, keep your target audience in mind, which will help you define your style.

gamer youtube thumbnails

2. Use the right colors

Apart from using the same range of colors, combine bright tones with some more neutral ones. We recommend using no more than 5 colors in total (taking into account the colors of the typography), creating a count between the letters and the background.

Take a look at some of our templates and see how in general, gaming or vlogs thumbnails have featured bold letters with vivid colors.

3. Insert little text 

The message has to be short and clear to attract attention, with one or very few words. Ideally, use the same typography throughout the video, as well as large font size. The position of the letters will depend on the background image. Don't be afraid to place them at an angle to attract more attention.

youtube thumbnails make up

4. Design an original background

The ideal would be to insert your images in the thumbnail, which can be taken from the video to make a content spoiler. However, you can also use image banks pictures. Search and add them on the same editor. Also, add your corporate logo or watermark to customize it even more.

5. Add some emoji or distinctive element

You can use different graphic elements and emoticons to make the design of your thumbnails more attractive, even though be careful not to overload the image. You have to take into account that it will be displayed in small size. Like images, you can search for these small icons and insert them easily on the editor.

Use these tricks in both the thumbnail designs and channel art templates of your channel. Presenting a homogeneous design will improve your image and therefore, your reputation.

travel youtube thumbnails

Follow these tips and create the YouTube channel of your dreams with the most original thumbnails. Get started now with your thumbnails!

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