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Edit a satisfaction survey

Customize free feedback card templates online

Design free online customer satisfaction surveys with EDIT.org's customizable online templates, ready to print in seconds.

Edit a satisfaction survey

Design online and print professional customer satisfaction surveys and cards with EDIT.org's stylish, easy-to-edit templates!

Free customer comment card template


Create a customer comment card

At EDIT.org, we provide you with a library of survey templates designed by human resources and business psychology experts. With them, you can achieve a knowledge experience that will set you apart from your competitors and increase the loyalty of your most valued customers.

Want to face reality and grow your business? Create a satisfaction survey with our editable templates and get first-hand feedback from your customers. You don't need to download any software or application or be computer literate. The process is fun, fast, free and online.

We promise you that you will have ready to print, in seconds, the comment card with which your business will collect the necessary information and ideas with which to progress economically.

On our editor, you will also find printable posters to ask for feedback, as well as banner templates to share your customers' feedback on social media.

Free feedback cards for business


How to edit a satisfaction survey template on EDIT.org

It's intuitive and straightforward:

  1. Click on an image in this article or go to the editor and choose the template that most accurately represents your business.
  2. Customize it to your liking. Upload your company logo or signature. Change the background, the color, the typography of the letters... whatever you want!
  3. Save your creation in the online editor. This way, if you want to make a change later, you can do it without creating it all over again.
  4. Download your work in JPG, PDF, or PNG in high quality, ready to print and send to your customers!

Customizable restaurant comment card template


Customizable satisfaction templates designed by experts

We live in competitive times: customer service makes the difference between success and failure. It's no use offering a great product if the sales experience is not done pleasantly and professionally.

What do your customers think of your products and your employees? What do your hotel guests think? Do your diners think of the meals you offer them? If you could read their minds, you could learn about new realities and details you haven't even noticed and that, perhaps, it would not cost you much or nothing to change to obtain the satisfaction of the consumers of your business.

Optimize your business by locating its weaknesses and strengths. The information you can collect with our templates will reduce the possibility that your most desired customers choose your competitors. You will also get objective and quality data to improve the quality of customer service.

Printable suggestion card template


Print your cards and other designs in a few minutes

With EDIT.org, you can streamline the design creation process, saving time and costs by eliminating the need to hire a professional designer. You can completely modify our templates according to your needs. Consider different formats until you find the one that fits your company like a glove. We assure you that the final result of your work will have the visual and graphic quality of an expert designer.

When you finish the editing process, save the design in your user profile to continue editing it at another time or create copies of it. This way, you can design more than one survey for different business purposes, always starting from the same design. When finished, download it in the format of your choice and print it in the highest quality.

Go now to the online editor and start creating your company cards for satisfaction surveys.

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