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Gym Activities Schedule online templates

Gym Activities Schedule online templates
Gym Activities Schedule online templates

If you are the owner of a gym then you know that one of the most popular needs for users is the directed classes. Classes directed is a way to make the sport more bearable for those who are not fans. The directed activities, like  Zumba, Pilates, body pump, yoga, body combat, cycling, boxing, cross training... besides being a good claim to attract new members of the center, help to create a group, to establish friendships and have a good time. In this way, the same people usually meet at the same time to go for sports and meet their friends, being regular users of your site and it will be difficult for them to decide to unsubscribe.

So... if the directed activities are so good, why not exploit their advertising to the fullest? We know that it's not easy to organize all the classes in the same table and sometimes the result can be a disaster. Have you ever fought with a hellish table in Word to make a schedule? Surely you have. To avoid all those moments of frustration and wasted time, we want to help you. The solution to all your problems is the templates. Templates created by professionals that you can modify to your liking at any time.

How is that possible? With EDIT, an online graphic design editing program. As it is an online program, you don't need to install anything on your computer, you can use it from your mobile, tablet or any device with Internet access. In the editor you will find thousands of templates that have been created to meet the different needs of many businesses. Gyms are one of the niches that use more graphic resources to make their promotions. For this reason, we have created a specific category so that you can find everything you need for the marketing of your gym. One of the sections is the table of activities that you can not miss in the weekly or monthly planning.

The way EDIT works are very easy and intuitive. As simple as choosing the template design that you like best or best suits what you had in mind;  with a simple click you can change the texts, colors, size of the elements, typography... Don't forget to add the logo or name of your gym to customize it. And you can also adjust the colors to follow the line of all your communications. If you find this a little complicated, don't worry, you will also find premium packs with all the needs covered following the same design line so that both your publications in networks and flyers or posters printed for the premises follow the same style.

In the templates, you will find some of the most common classes of directed activities such as yoga, pilates, zumba, body pump, body combat, cycling, aquagym... in short, all those that your facilities can offer. Of course, you can modify the names of all the activities and personalize it.

Clear and attractive design will allow you to share it in your social networks, upload it to your website, and of course print it so that everyone can see it. You will be able to download your designs from the editor in the format you want (.png, .jpg, .pdf) and in the appropriate proportions depending on which is going to be its later use. You can change these proportions in a single click and the design will automatically adapt to your selection.

As easy as we make it for you, there are no excuses not to get to work and get professional designs in less than 5 minutes. In addition, any change or modification in the week or even on the same day can be done in a few seconds, as all designs are stored in the internal memory of each profile in the editor.

Now it's your turn, bring clarity and design to your clients investing very little effort, they will appreciate it! If you have any questions about the use of the editor, do not hesitate to contact us.

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