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Marketing strategies for gyms

We define the four main marketing strategies for gyms and other fitness businesses as well as offering some templates to get started.

Edita un diseño para tu gimnasio

If you run or work in a gym, there are several strategies to bear in mind before developing its action and communication plan. In this article, we define the four main marketing strategies for gyms and other fitness businesses as well as offering some templates to get started.

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Create a marketing strategy for your gym

When you decide to open a gym for the first time, its new and modern facilities or equipment get the attention of local citizens who, with the novelty, may become potential users. However, after a few months, the hype goes down, and other fitness businesses may appear. Then, how can you keep getting new customers?

As in all businesses, having a good marketing plan will help you achieve your goals effectively, so it is worth investing a little time in the organization and design of a good strategy. In order to implement any marketing plan, it is very important to know which the target audience is. It is important to know their motivations, interests and the main reasons why they would go to the gym. 

On the other hand, the study of the competition is something that cannot fail when creating a strategy. Researching which are the closest gyms to yours and what kind of promotions and marketing they carry out is fundamental.

Finally, remember to stay up to date in the fitness industry and gyms. Knowing the latest fashions and trends in the fitness world will make all the followers of the world feel comfortable using your facilities, and will also allow you to stay ahead of the competition.

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4 marketing strategies for gyms

1. Have a good website

A visual and intuitive website is a basic element. Share different training plans, schedules, master classes, products or extra services. Share also your staff information or the values you want to convey about your company to make the user feel closer to you. Also, make an online portal in which users can consult activities or monitor their training program.

For the non-users, create an informative part where they can know more about your club. Invite them to register and get their contact information to be able to send personalized offers.

Invest in a good website developer who will make a proper attractive, and modern design included all personalized elements desired. Otherwise, if you prefer to try it yourself, we recommend using programs such as Wix or WordPress with pre-established templates.

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2. Create a blog

Having a blog where you can share information relevant to the fitness world can give you more customers than you think. It will serve to share the recent news of the most important events that take place in your gym or to give advice on fitness or nutrition. In addition, your website rank among the top search engines will improve with the blog, so your company will reach more users easily.

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3. Create social media engagement

It's essential to have a presence in at least some of the main social networks. We say "at least one" since it's preferable to have a well-cared profile in a single social platform rather than having careless profiles in all of them. 

If you decide to use YouTube, share personal training or even recorded classes from your centre, always with the consent of the participants. On social networks such as Instagram or Facebook, share motivational quotes, workouts or explanations of exercises, always alternating pictures with videos. Don't forget to include your logo at all times to prevent others from using those photos without your permission. On EDIT.org you will find customizable designs to personalize your gym social media posts.

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4. Promotions and banners

They're something fundamental as they incite future customers to decide to use your facilities over others'. Giving a free ticket to try the gym services or giving a first free tuition fee won't leave anyone indifferent. Of course, be original and unique with the promotion design! Of course, you can use the EDIT.org online editor too. It's as simple as adding your logo and changing the text. Once it's ready, download the file in the format you need and share it and print it.

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Online customizable templates for gyms

For any kind of design you need for your gym, you can use EDIT.org's graphic editor. You can have your templates ready in less than five minutes, even if you have no idea about design. They are fully editable, so all you have to do is customize them with your images, logo or text, and then download, share or print them.

The editor has a special category created for gyms, where you can find templates for all the needs you may have. In addition, there are premium packs that feature a whole collection of designs following the same patterns adapted to different situations (exercises, promotions, motivational phrases, raffles, or activities schedules).

Using EDIT.org you will have all the designs ready at a low cost, being able to invest your time and money in improving other aspects of your business. Social networks will reach more visibility and generate interaction with users.

When following the tips stated above, be patient and constant in all your actions. In the end, the results will arrive! Check EDIT.org's gym designs on the editor and remember that in a simple click, you can have the designs of your dreams. Impress your users and get new ones has never been so simple!

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Edita un diseño para tu gimnasio