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Edit a design for dance classes
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Make a dance class flyer or poster

Edit the free, customizable templates of EDIT.org online graphic editor to advertise your dance classes.

Edit a design for dance classes

Customize your posters or flyers to advertise your dance classes. Discover on EDIT.org free templates for different dance styles.

Customizable Irish dance school flyer
Editable ballroom dance school poster


Create a design for your dance classes

Dancing is one of the most common hobbies, and more and more people decide to sign up for classes either in a specific school, gym, or even a civic center. However, advertising these services convincingly to differentiate from the competition and reach your target audience is no easy task.

You can get started by creating social media accounts, creating a website, or launching discounts to encourage people to try your classes. However, the easiest strategy to follow is designing flyers to hand out, banners to share online, or posters to hang in your premises window.

At EDIT.org, find pre-designed templates for this that you can quickly customize in a few clicks, achieving a spectacular result. Want to know how?

Pole Dance dance school banner
Custom African Dance class flyers and banners


How to edit dance class poster template at EDIT.org

  1. Click on a design or go to the editor to get started.
  2. Select the template you like best to promote your academy
  3. Customize it to your liking in minutes
  4. Save your layout
  5. Done! Download the final result to print or share online
Street dance editable designs
Customizable templates for line dance classes


Customize free dance studio flyers

Remember to define a balance between putting all the necessary information for potential customers and not overloading the design. For example, you can insert some essential information such as prices, class schedules, and prerequisites along with a contact phone number or email in case the reader has any questions.

Aesthetically, use your corporate colors along with those colors that relate to your style of dance (salsa classes in red, Irish dance classes in green, etc.). Also, insert some images so that people get an idea of what they are going to find. These can be photos of the show, the class, or a particular movement inspiring the course content. Finally, don't forget to insert the logo.

Editable Bollywood class templates
Ballet classes editable templates to customize online


Editable templates to promote your dance school

At EDIT.org, you will find different styles of templates depending on your type of class. First of all, discover generic designs to promote what is the academy itself, whether for adults (more professional), young people (more elaborate that enhance branding), or children (inspire confidence through the use of images and the volume of information).

You will also find templates according to the dance style. African dance, K-pop, Bollywood, or Irish dance brochures are usually designed with elements and colors characteristic of their countries of origin. On the other hand, contemporary dance templates are more modern and simple with dark colors, while urban dance posters or flyers usually present more original typographies and more vivid colors.

Other designs are those of belly dance (floral compositions that transmit harmony with simple typographies and colors), country dance (with rustic aesthetics), or Zumba designs (with images related to the world of fitness).

Finally, edit editable templates for swing, jazz, ballet, salsa, or ballroom dancing classes.

Custom dance class template for dance schools
Editable dance class templates for dance academies


Print your class and course ads in a few minutes

Once you have finished your flyer, banner, or poster advertising your dance classes, save the final result in the editor's user profile so that you can modify it later if necessary. For instance, you can use the same design every quarter, semester, or year just by changing the information. You can also create copies if you want to promote more than one dance style or target different audiences.

Start now to create your dance class ad with EDIT.org's pre-designed templates.

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