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Making YouTube thumbnails without downloading programs

Customize EDIT.org's free templates to create the best YouTube thumbnails for your channel. Amaze your followers with the best designs.

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Create Youtube thumbnails according to your sort of videos and personality and surprise your users with the best designs.

Thumbnail creator with free editable templates


Create Youtube thumbnails online for your channel

Do you have a Youtube channel and need designs for your video thumbnails? If you are a content creator, then you already know how difficult it is sometimes to invest time in making quality designs to share with users, whatever they are. In the case of YouTube, you have to take into account that many times users watch your videos based on the first image they have, so creating an original and different cover for different videos is essential.

EDIT.org has thousands of predesigned templates for your YouTube images that you can edit from any platform with Internet access. Create your Youtube channel art design easily and free of charge.

In addition, the editor has an infinite number of templates to create content for other social media platforms, as well as content calendar designs to organize your future posts.

Custom Fortnite thumbnail templates
Customizable Youtube thumbnails for cooking recipes


Customize Youtube thumbnail templates at EDIT.org

  1. Click on an article thumbnail or enter the editor to get started.
  2. Select a layout from those available
  3. Edit the template with the text, images, colors, and elements of your choice
  4. Save the changes
  5. Download the final result to upload to your video before publishing it
Editable thumbnail designs for travel blog videos
Customizable yoga thumbnail template


Download your Youtube thumbnails in minutes

On the editor, you can save all your designs to modify them when necessary. It allows you to apply small changes to all your saved designs to adapt them to your videos, and this way, when a user sees a thumbnail with a particular pattern, they can associate it to your channel. If you want more recommendations or get inspiration:

youtube thumbnail
youtube thumbnail makeup tutorial

Try EDIT.org now and let your imagination run wild, create the best thumbnails for your videos in just a few minutes!

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