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Making YouTube thumbnails without downloading programs

Make the best Youtube thumbnails for your channel with EDIT.org templates, ready to edit in a few minutes and without downloading any design program.

Customize your thumbnail

Make the best Youtube thumbnails for your channel with EDIT.org templates, ready to edit in a few minutes and without downloading any design program.

Create custom Youtube thumbnails for your channel

Too many people have problems with creating good YouTube thumbnails because most programs cost money for installation, and they're difficult to learn how to use them. It is why the EDIT.org free online editor helps you create cool thumbnails for your videos with a professional result without having any digital design experience or having to download an editing program.

The editor is based on simplicity since users can easily learn how to create unique designs that can be modified from anywhere. A good aspect is that you don't have to download any program to start using it. Also, you're able to start creating your designs for free and save it, modify it and download it whenever you want.

Another advantage of using this online editor is that each user has his own design memory that allows modifying templates at any moment. Also, if you decide to extend to the EDIT.org Premium plan, you will have more capacity to save your projects. Working with the same template is useful to keep with the same brand image, and the only small details are modified. Maintaining consistent YouTube thumbnails allows users to quickly identify which videos are yours and are more likely to click on them. 

EDIT.org aims to facilitate the design process to users with thousands of different predesigned templates available. Particularly, there is a category for YouTube thumbnails, so if you don’t have a clear idea of how you want the thumbnail for your next video, have a look at the editor's proposal ideas. Once you have decided on a template, choose the pattern that best suits your idea, and change its background image, fonts, filters, and logo. 

How to create thumbnails in 2 minutes without Photoshop

We know how difficult it can be to use programs such as Photoshop that thousands of users wonder how to use it and how to download it for free. These sorts of programs require a lot of practice to manage, and they are also costly, especially if you take into account the courses taken to learn to use it. 

EDIT.org is an alternative tool for all those who want something simpler. Forget about paying to download a program since the platform will not take up space in your devices, and it does not require any previous course.

How to make thumbnails for YouTube from any device

As mentioned, when you register with EDIT.org, you will have an expandable storage space in which you’ll be able to save your most used designs and elements. Since it is an online application, you can access it through any electronic device connected to the Internet, keep customizing your templates, or create new ones. The editor also adapts to mobile devices and tablets, both with Android and iOS devices. 

How to use EDIT.org to create professional thumbnails

The best advice we can give you is the more you use it, the better you will be. To start using it, all you have to do is open the editor and make a selection by format or category. There will be displayed a lot of editable templates to choose from. 

Once you have chosen your design, click on the text to modify it. Change the typography, size, colors, or direction. Also, add your images and logo by uploading it to the photos section. Once you modify all elements desired, your design will be ready to download. This process won't take you more than 5 minutes.

Now we encourage you to try it yourself! Try EDIT.org now and astonish your viewers.

Customize your thumbnail
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Customize your thumbnail
Customize your thumbnail