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Edit a Mental Health poster

Customize printable mental health awareness posters online

Discover printable mental health awareness poster templates and customize them online in a minute at EDIT.org online graphic editor.

Edit a Mental Health poster

Inform and raise awareness about Mental Health with the online editable templates in this article. Select, customize and download the ones you want for free.

World mental health day poster to edit and print


Create a mental health poster to raise awareness

Want to create a mental health campaign? If you want to inform and generate more awareness about mental illness, you're in the right place. Use the pre-designed templates in our editor and add the information you think is useful. Achieve maximum impact with your posters. Whether in an educational setting such as school, or in a work environment, giving visibility to mental disorders can normalize the debate and dialogue about good habits to prevent certain ailments, but above all to prevent them from worsening.

World mental health month poster to edit online and print


How to use the editable templates for World Mental Health Day.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on any image in this article.
  2. Customize the template of your choice
  3. Save your changes online
  4. Download your poster to your device as a JPG, PNG or PDF file.

 Mental Health Awareness image to edit online and print


Use the Mental Health Month posters to print or send online.

You can customize the posters online without any knowledge of graphic design. You will find that the editor is very intuitive and as easy to use as a Word, but with Photoshop-like results.

In addition, choose from thousands of photos, images, illustrations, icons and all kinds of graphics and shapes to complement your design.

You can use your design in any format you want, whether for high quality printing or online sharing, and automatically resize it with a single click of the "Resize" button (the design adapts to the new aspect ratio without you having to do anything else, it's great!).

Enter the editor and edit and download a free mental health poster. You'll see, in less than a minute you'll have it on your device ready to publish digitally or send to print on paper.

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Edit a Mental Health poster