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Make Suicide Prevention Posters Online

Choose from hundreds of templates to create editable posters and ads on suicide prevention online. Download and share them in high quality easily.

Edit a suicide prevention poster

With EDIT.org you can edit online and with just a few clicks: posters, banners and flyers to try to save lives by avoiding suicides.

Editable template for campaigning against suicides on posters


A serious topic. A serious design.

If you need to create a poster to print on a subject as complicated to deal with as suicide, EDIT.org has thought of you to avoid having problems with the design or images of the photographs of the advertisement or message that you want to expose in your environment or to the world.

You can create personalized posters and flyers with the text and data you want to include and without having to do more than three or four clicks in five minutes. Once this is done, you can share your poster or start a campaign through your social networks, educational centers, health centers, etc. And don't worry: our editable suicide templates are free to customize.


How to create a poster against suicide online?

  1. Choose a poster from our template bank and modify the texts
  2. Upload your center logo, signature or contact information
  3. Change the colors and the background if you wish
  4. Change or add a photo if you need to
  5. Save it and you will have it ready in PDF, PNG, JPG format to print it in high quality and to share by email or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest... If later you want to make a change, having saved it, you will make the change in question of seconds.

Editable poster against suicide in template format


Take a minute, make a poster: You might save a life.

In 2002 the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended giving visibility to the end of suicide. The media were asked to move away from the myth that talking about suicide is contagious and should be treated as a taboo subject. Also, every year, on September 10, the WHO promotes World Suicide Prevention Day (the 10th of September) in order to make the world population aware that suicide can be prevented. So creating an inspirational ad can save lives.

Editable poster against suicide do not disconnect from life.


Three reasons to make suicide prevention posters.

1.-Because nobody is 100% determined to end their life.

Sometimes there are people who mistakenly think that the only way to end their problems and stop suffering is to take their own lives. That is not like that. With your ad you can make him see that what he really needs is a psychologist or go to his medical center to see that there are other options that will help him strengthen mentally, thus overcoming his problems and opening the door to a happy and full life... in addition to avoiding creating trauma to his loved ones.

2.-Because suicides can be prevented: they are never a whim.

There is a shocking statistic that 8 out of 10 people who told friends or family about their suicide intentions? committed it. That is why there are many signs that betray a suicide: make goodbyes, make a will, start giving their belongings or start writing self-destructive thoughts full of hopelessness and frustration.

It is important to know that when someone considers the idea of ??taking their own life or even tried to do it at some time, they may rethink it or try again because almost always the background of this terrible act is a depression that requires treatment.

Suicides are usually 99% completely premeditated. It's not an easy decision for anyone. It is not an act that is done without thinking too much about it.

3.-Because the most important thing is that you speak up and know that you are not alone.

In prevention, the key is communication. That the person who suffers suicidal instincts or thoughts feel understood, supported: that they stop being anguished. In your advertising you can communicate that the mental disorder that leads to suicide is treatable. There is help to heal the minds of these people. Tell them where to find it.

Hand against suicide in an advertisement to edit


Types of online editable posters against suicide.

With the EDIT.org templates you can create high quality posters, advertisements, banners or posters for mental illness federations, associations against suicide, to publicize meetings, talks, conferences, offer your medical services on mental health and give courses of formation of habits of active and healthy life.
Also to advertise your guides, books, documentaries or self-help videos on channels and create YouTube banners on the prevention of suicidal behavior.
To publicize your infographics, advertise a phone number of hope or a new service or activity against this mental illness in a hospital, medical center or private clinic.
Even to break, with messages, the urban legends, myths and realities of suicides or to encourage early detection of the need for treatment for mental health problems and their derivation.

Your customizable poster against suicidal behavior will be ready in minutes to print or quickly share on social networks.


Create a suicide prevention ad right now.

Enter now our online graphic editor EDIT.org, register for free and create a poster against suicide. You will only need a device with Internet access to make a great advertising creation that saves lives.

Enter the editor and create suicide prevention designs to save lives.

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Edit a suicide prevention poster