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Edit a HIV poster

Customize a HIV awareness poster

Create free and easy HIV prevention and information posters and flyers with EDIT.org's editable templates. Customize and download your aids poster in minutes.

Edit a HIV poster

Design AIDS prevention or informational banners, posters, and leaflets with EDIT.org's free templates.

Free customizable World AIDS Day poster


Create an AIDS prevention poster online

If you are a teacher, pharmacist, doctor, or work in a social center, you may need to quickly and easily create a poster or banner to help prevent the mass transmission of HIV in your community, patients, or students. Also, encourage testing, announce talks or launch messages of support.

With EDIT.org's free, editable templates, you can design posters and brochures about HIV/AIDS and stop the spread of the disease. At the same time, you can also fight against its stigmas.

Creating a banner or flyer and customizing it with the data and messages you need to convey is very easy. On the editor, you will have different editing options that will allow you to adapt each template to your specific needs. In addition, you will find other designs that you may find useful, such as templates for pharmacy posters.

Editable hiv prevention posters


Customize a poster for World AIDS day at EDIT.org

It's easy:

  1. Click on any AIDS poster in this article or go to the editor. Select the one you like the most to get started
  2. Customize it with your favorite message, colors or typography. Include your center's logo if you wish
  3. Save the composition. You can make changes or continue later
  4. Download it in PDF, JPG or PNG to print it in the highest quality and share it on your favorite social media paltform


Customizable HIV testing poster


Print your poster about HIV prevention in minutes

Pointing out prevention in your designs is a good idea. As for now, there is no vaccine or cure. We can only prevent and treat it. Remind people that safe sex or not exchanging hypodermic needles can help keep this virus from being transmitted. Combine this information with:

All these designs are in different formats and with our free and 100% online editor. Try us and be surprised how easy it is. You only have to write your data, add your images or stock photos, change the colors, insert the logo... and everything you want!

Your creations will be saved in your user profile so you can keep modifying them whenever you want. You can also create copies of the same templates if you need to, so you don't have to start every design from scratch.

Start now to create your AIDS poster and do your bit to stop the virus and give support.

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Edit a HIV poster