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Edit a design about return policies

Customize a No Refund Policy sign for your business

Customize printable posters at EDIT.org to help your customers understand your store's return and exchange policy.

Edit a design about return policies

Create free and fast perfect return policy posters for your business with EDIT.org's online editable templates.

Editable posters for return policy periods


Create a "no exchange no refund" sign

One of the most dreaded moments for consumers is facing a person at the checkout who won't allow them to return a garment or item they are dissatisfied with. The fear is mutual! The last thing a retailer wants is to be visited by an angry customer who wants to return something that, for several legal reasons, cannot be returned, something they should have known about before making their purchase.

To avoid these problems, the best thing to do is that, when the customer leaves the store or approaches the register, clearly see a sign with your return and exchange policy. This way, he won't take it out on your employees, and you won't lose him as a customer.

Create a professional no refunds sign with EDIT.org that leaves no room for doubt. Just click on a design that you like or is close enough to what you need and personalize it. Modify the texts as if you were using Word but with an elegant result that will inspire confidence among your customers.

Customizable refund policy conditions poster


Edit a "no return policy" sign on EDIT.org

  1. Click on a sign in this article or go to the editor to start editing.
  2. Modify and customize what you want from the image: add your text and needs. Don't forget to add your company logo
  3. Save your poster. You can make changes later without having to start from scratch.
  4. Download the result in high resolution for printing or sharing online in JPG, PNG, or PDF format.

We have more templates to help you in your business! Do you want to make an accepted payment methods sign to put on the door of your establishment? Or do you want to let people know that you only accept cash payments? At EDIT.org, we think that all solutions are editable. And we have them!

Customizable return policy sign


Print your refund policy sign in minutes

Our editor is intuitive and super easy for anyone to use. Photoshop is often a complicated program for people who are not regularly involved in design or photography.

EDIT.org's philosophy is that your store can compete in design with the big multinational stores. You will not need to hire a photographer or a designer. Good signage is synonymous with business quality. It won't take you more than a minute to have the sign you are looking for ready to print with a perfect result.

When finished, your designs will be automatically saved to your profile so you can create copies or continue editing them at a later time. Download them in one click whenever you need them.

Go to the editor now and be amazed at how easy it is to create attractive return and exchange posters in a fun and effortless way!

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