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Online Editable Templates for Black History Month

Create the best designs for Black History Month at EDIT.org. Discover printable templates to customize in minutes. 

Edit a Black History Month template

Create inspirational designs, templates and more to celebrate Black History Month. Find dozens of free customizable templates at EDIT.org. 

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Create Designs for your Business to Celebrate Black History Month 

Black History Month is an annual month-long celebration to recognize the important contributions to American society by African Americans. Since 1976, February has been designated as Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month. Other countries, such as Canada, also devote a month to celebrate Black History. 

Unfortunately, stories about Black achievements and contributions to society are often neglected and forgotten. The celebration is to understand Black histories, and to spotlight Black excellence. Each year, there is a specific theme. For example, the theme of 2020 was "African Americans and the Vote" and in 2021 "The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity". 

Many organizations, institutions, and businesses, celebrate Black History Month in numerous ways. From supporting Black-owned local businesses to donating funds to charities, there are many ways that businesses and organizations can do to uplift the Black community. 

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Edit Free Graphics to Celebrate Black History Month at EDIT.org

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Ideas to Center Black History Month through Graphic Design

To celebrate BH Month throughout February, customize free flyers, banners, infographics, and more. Here are some content ideas:


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The digital world has played an important role in bringing awareness to racial issues. Creating graphic designs in support of African American History Month would be an important step in establishing a more just world. 

Once you finish your design, save it to your account to keep editing it or create copies. You can reuse your designs for later usage. 

Checkout EDIT.org for free customizable templates to bring awareness and inspiration throughout Black History Month.

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Edit a Black History Month template