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Edit a poster on stop plastic pollution

Stop Plastic Pollution poster templates

Create eye-catching posters, banners and flyers against the use of plastic easily and for free at EDIT.org.

Edit a poster on stop plastic pollution

Make free posters to stop the plastic use and help save the planet with EDIT.org's editable templates. Get professional designs in minutes.

Editable stop ocean pollution poster


Create a plastic pollution awareness poster

The UN has determined plastics not only produce high levels of pollution on land but also in the oceans, wiping out marine species year after year. The sea receives 12 million tons of plastic a year, which end up piling up in the well-known "islands" or "plastic soups".

If you want to help stop the oceans from being invaded by plastics that pollute ecosystems and cause irreparable damage to marine inhabitants, make posters and banners to raise awareness of the damage caused by the use of plastic.

With EDIT.org's customizable templates, you can easily and free make a flyer explaining how to stop or reduce the use of plastic. A good way, in addition to raising awareness, is to hang bring-your-own-bag signs to remind people that it is through these small habits that big changes can be made. Create a positive impact by running a campaign in your social networks, workplace, or school.

Find out poster templates for International Environment Day or about recycling.

Free customizable poster of plastic pollution


Edit ocean pollution poster templates at EDIT.org

See how easy it is!

  1. Click on a banner in this article or go to the editor and select another from our library
  2. Change whatever you want on your banner or poster: photo, text, logos, colors, etc.
  3. Save your artwork. You can come back to it if you want to make changes. You can do it from any of your devices.
  4. Download the final result. You can print it in high resolution and share it online in high quality JPG PDF or PNG.

That's it!

Custom stop use of plastic poster


Print your plastic pollution campaign poster

Reducing the plastic that damages ecosystems is the responsibility of both public administrations, factories, and irresponsible or uninformed consumers. Personalize and print posters that help to:

At EDIT.org, we wanted to contribute our grain of sand to turn the above points into reality by creating designs that help to spread the word. Customize them as you like in just a few minutes and download them to print or share online. All your creations will be saved in the editor automatically.

Start creating and designing your "Plastics Don't!" poster now and make a difference in the world!

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Edit a poster on stop plastic pollution