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Edit turn off the light signage

Customize free Turn Off the Lights signs

Create a free and quick Please Turn Off the Light poster from one of EDIT.org's editable poster templates. Customize and print your designs easily.

Edit turn off the light signage

Print a "Please, turn off the light" poster for your business or premises. Customize free templates at EDIT.org and help save energy.

Images to save energy to edit and print, please turn off the lights sign


Create your personalized turn off light sign

Taking a few minutes to print a poster that reminds your employees, students, or customers to turn off the lights when they leave a room can be not only a relief for your wallet at the end of the month but also a necessary action for the planet. If all companies spent a little bit of their time making these posters, they could make a big difference to the environment.

Imagine the energy savings we can bring to the world if we all remember to both turns off unnecessary lights and turn off electronics when not in use.

Create informative and mandatory posters with EDIT.org. You can have them ready to print in high quality in less than a minute, as well as customized with your company logo. On the editor, you will also find energy-saving and water-saving designs.

Printable turn off the lights signage


Edit light off sign templates at EDIT.org

It's quick and easy!

  1. Click on a sign in this article or choose another from our library.
  2. Customize the template, if you want, with other colors and include your company logo.
  3. Save the layout
  4. Download the final result to print in high resolution

That's it!

Editable poster of turn the lights off please, with bulbs images on it


Everyone wins by creating a "turn off the light when leaving the room" poster.

Avoid spending for the sake of spending! Remind the most absent-minded people to please switch off the lights when leaving the room with original posters designed by experts. You won't need to spend hours with Photoshop or have any computer knowledge whatsoever. The process can be done from any of your devices: mobile, computer, or tablet.

Change the colors to your corporate colors, add the information you see fit, change the text fonts and add an icon or element to attract attention. As we have mentioned, don't forget your logo.

Let your customers and employees know that we are all responsible for lowering energy consumption and saving and that therefore, small actions count.

Free turn off the lights signage, funny turn off the lights signs


Power down posters to print and share online.

The impact is already visible. The current ecological footprint with which every company and household is eroding the health of this planet is endangering the ecological balance and creating new diseases and challenges that we and our children will have to face.

At EDIT.org, you will find dozens of different templates with the light off signs with high-quality printable results. Our editor is 100% intuitive, so once you log in, you won't waste half a minute to create a great poster with a high resolution.

Remember that you can save all your designs in your user profile so you can continue editing them at a later time, or create copies.

Start now to create your poster in our professional free online editor!

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