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Editable Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Posters

Create posters and signs for awareness and recycling with free online editable design templates from graphic editor EDIT.org

Edit a Recycling poster

Use these editable templates online to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and create printable posters and signs or to share online.

Recycling event template to personalize online for free

Why is recycling important?

Recycling is one of the world's priorities to reduce the "footprint" that human beings are leaving on this planet. As inhabitants, it is one of the easiest environmental actions to do since it does not require major changes in habits, just separate the waste in different types of containers (even used clothes or batteries).

Other very important habits are to reduce consumption (buy only what is necessary, such as clothes) and reuse (such as going to buy in bulk stores reusing our packaging, buying and selling second-hand, giving away or donating what we no longer need it for other people to use, etc.).

In fact, there is a lot of talk about the 3 R's (RRR): Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Also in this order, since the first thing is to reduce consumption to the minimum possible, then reuse as much as possible what we have and finally recycle recyclable materials in case they cannot be used anymore.

These steps are not enough to avoid climate change, but they are very visible habits that we can all apply in our daily lives, both at work, at home, and on the road.

Recycling poster to edit online for free

Why is recycling plastic so important?

Today there is so much plastic in the sea that 5 large plastic "islands" (which are rather huge accumulations of plastic waste) have formed. The largest occupies an area of 3 times France. Even more alarming is that we have produced half of these plastics in the last 15 years. The plastic problem is not only short-term, it takes at least 10 years to decompose (bags) and can take more than 600 (fishing lines, for example), but before disappearing it becomes microplastics that the fish eat (and that we later eat), and that are obviously harmful to health and the environment.


Why is it important to recycle paper?

The non-recycled paper comes from the felling of trees, that is, since it is the production of tons of paper, this is equivalent to the disappearance of entire forests. Less forests, less oxygen "producers" and therefore more CO2 in the environment (20 trees are needed to cover the oxygen demand of one person per day).

The production of recycled paper requires much less water, energy and of course avoids the massive felling of trees.

Paper recycling printable sign to edit and adapt online

Why is it important to recycle glass?

Glass is a material of mineral origin that can be heated, melted and reshaped, so the glass bottles we use can be turned over and over into new bottles, avoiding the production of new glass through mining, saving water and energy and reducing pollution.


How can I raise awareness about recycling?

Making known the origin of the materials we use and what happens to them if we do not recycle them is essential to raise awareness. It is about informing and educating, but also about remembering the importance and making it possible.

Creating informative and educational posters about recycling will have a great positive impact on the people who read them. In addition, the signage of the recycling bins will also help. Place signs that clearly indicate what can and cannot be recycled on each container.

At EDIT.org we have created editable recycling poster templates that you can customize online. You can use them all for free! We explain as below.


Create signs and posters with editable online templates from EDIT.org

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on any image on this page (you can scroll and below you will find many more)
  2. Edit and personalize the design with your texts
  3. Save changes online
  4. Download the poster in JPG, PNG or PDF for free


Use the Recycling templates to print or share online

Any of the design templates are printable but they are also prepared to publish online on a website, social networks, send by email, etc. You can change the format in a single click with the "Change size" button, and you will see how the composition automatically adapts to the selected format (Instagram post, Facebook cover, etc.).

Do your bit and create your first Recycling posters and signs with the editable templates of your new online graphic editor;)

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