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Edit a sale template

Sale posters to customize online

Find on EDIT.org the best poster, flyer, or banner templates to announce the sales of your establishment, ready to edit and print in a few seconds.

Edit a sale template

Customize posters, banners or flyers to advertise your business sales using EDIT.org customizable templates.

Free sale templates to edit online and for free


Create a sales sign for your business

If your store will soon offer huge discounts on its products, create the best designs to communicate it to customers in a creative way, and thus generate interest. It doesn't matter if they are summer or autumn sales, second sales, or sales after Christmas since on our editor, you will find templates for all the occasions you can imagine.

EDIT.org offers thousands of free and ready-to-customize posters, either to hang or to share on corporate social network profiles. It is a simple platform to use, but with more professional results than you would get by editing a Word document. In the editor, you can edit colors, text fonts, the logo, and other elements according to your needs, all less than 2 minutes.

Finally, concerning sales, find editable posters for specific offers and promotions, as well as closing and liquidation signs.

Sale signs templates to customize for free


How to make a sales poster with EDIT.org

  1. Select the design you want
  2. Edit the template to customize it
  3. Save changes made
  4. Download the image in JPG, PDF, or PNG format
  5. Share the final result on social networks or print it

Remember that apart from communicating the discounts themselves, you must include exactly the conditions of these: discounts on specific products, 50% of the price of all of them, a 70% discount from the second purchase, etc. If such discounts are different depending on the product, create a design for each section of your store, and communicate it effectively. You can also create sale posters and signs for the different year seasons. In fact, you will also find spring sale templates.

Finally, you can change the size of the template automatically with a simple click, adapting it to the format you need. Also, you can modify it whenever you want from any device with Internet access and even reuse it again at another time.

For sale sign template editable online


Designs ready to print and hang on the shop window

The final result you obtain can be printed in maximum quality and thus attract the attention of all those who pass by your store. We recommend you don't just make one design, but that you create more than one for each communication channel you use. For example, it is not the same to create a poster for your store window as a banner for your website. Adapt yourself to each type of client and get your message across by all means.

Start now to edit an ideal discount design that reflects the personality of your business and includes all the elements you want. Select a template for this article or go to the editor to see all options!

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Edit a sale template