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Create Temperature Check signs online

Free editable templates online to create Temperature Check signs with fever icons, thermometer checkers, etc. Enter the graphic editor EDIT.org

Edit a Temperature Check sign

Create posters for mandatory Testing Temperature points. Use the free templates from our online graphic editor EDIT.org and you will have them downloaded in an instant.

Temperature Check Control sign template to edit online for free

Create Temperature Check signs with editable templates

Temperature checkpoints are becoming more common. The COVID19 pandemic has marked a before and after in this regard.

Surely you have already seen how both health centers and many other public places such as airports or train stations check the body temperature.

The reasons are obvious: to use as many measures as possible, but at the same time agile, to prevent the spread of airborne diseases, such as the coronavirus, whose initial symptom, among others, is fever.

Temperature Check Point sign to edit online

Do I have to check the body temperature of my clients?

Locating a control point with non-contact digital thermometer checkers is useful, not only in a preventive and practical way, but as a reassuring element for those attending shows, restaurants, discos and any other type of space or event with a large influx of people. It is therefore a marketing tool that sends a message of control and security to potential customers.

Create a Temperature Station at the access of your spaces and indicate it with the appropriate signage, like a "Body temperature check is required" poster, that you can personalize with your company logo. How? Keep reading, we explain how in 2 minutes.

Contacless temperature check station sign free printable and  editable online


How to design temperature check signage with the online editor EDIT.org

Follow these simple steps to create a temperature reading poster:

  1. Click on any image of this article
  2. Select the sign you want
  3. Customize the sign with your logo, typography and corporate colors
  4. Save changes online
  5. Download your temperature control poster in JPG, PNG or PDF


Use the temperature measurement posters to print

In addition, you can modify the size and proportions of any of the designs with the "Change size" button, so that you can download and print the signs in the format you want.

Go to the graphic editor and create your nice sign to indicate that there is a temperature taking point.

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Edit a Temperature Check sign