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Maximum capacity posters and templates

Maximum capacity posters and templates
Maximum capacity posters and templates

Maximum capacity posters and templates

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Before opening your business, calculating the maximum capacity of the premises is crucial. You should display the maximum capacity on a sign near or by the entrance of the room in question. Once you have these calculations, the signage needed to hang these calculations is at your disposal. With EDIT you can view the editable templates for the maximum capacity of your business, property, or workspace. Pinpointing areas of reduced access can also be necessary, for times such as now during the Coronavirus pandemic.


It is very important to hang this type of poster in perfect visibility conditions, especially in places with a large influx, since it is there where they will prevent crowds that can lead to disasters or tragedies. It is not just about having the poster but complying with the number of people indicated to prevent and avoid risk. Therefore, the first step is to communicate this capacity data to employees who enforce it, in addition to communicating it to attendees or visitors to give them information about the capacity of the premises. For this reason, at EDIT you will find all the capacity designs for your space, ready to be personalized and printed in the format you need, which can be modified in one click, also including your logo, corporate colors, or by editing the text you want. Inside EDIT you can also find free Social Distance templates.


Also, depending on the type of space, it is quite likely that you will need multiple signs of maximum or reduced capacity. For example, if your space is fragmented into several rooms, you may need to indicate the total capacity of the entire space, in addition to each room. We give you some examples of each type of space:


Maximum capacity poster for general admission:


Capacity or maximum capacity poster for compartmentalized places:

Signs for reduced spaces:




Take advantage of these posters by including more information about your establishment or venue, such as opening hours or customer service, and even some form of contact for the hours when it is closed. Use EDIT to find and customize these mixed maximum capacity templates with your business hours and contact. It is very easy to edit. You may also need one of these Coronavirus Help Templates or one of these Protocols and Recommendations for businesses with the essential tips for shops, restaurants, offices, supermarkets, etc.


Whether it is for a gym, a school, a concert hall, or even a church, signage with a visible maximum capacity is necessary, since clear and visible communication helps to avoid unnecessary risks, such as fines or crowds.

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