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Edit an elevator sign

Information poster templates for lifts and freight elevators

Customize free signs and posters to print and hang on your elevator with EDIT.org graphic editor's customizable online templates.

Edit an elevator sign

Edit elevator signs for elevators with the customizable templates of the EDIT.org online graphic editor.

Elevator sign template to customize online for free


Create an elevator or freight elevator sign template online

Located in homes, offices, stores, institutions and various other types of buildings, elevators, and freight elevators need a series of informative signs to ensure their use in complete safety and accordance with established hygienic protocols.

While it is true that there are several mandatory rules to follow in all elevators (such as protocols for fire, for example), others depend on the building or location in question, so it is crucial to adapt the information or safety sign to the corresponding circumstances.

At EDIT.org, you can find free templates for creating customized designs for hanging on elevators. On the editor, you will also find Coronavirus protocol designs or posters for communities of neighbors that can also be very useful.

Elevator signage template to edit online for free


How to edit an elevator poster at EDIT.org

  1. Click on a template in this article or go to the editor to get started.
  2. Select a design to edit
  3. Customize it with the elements, colors, and text of your choice
  4. Save the layout
  5. Print the final result in JPG, PNG, or PDF format


Customize elevator signs for free

You can create a document with the rules or recommendations to use the elevator in your building, whether they are sanitary or what to do if there's an emergency. This way, users can know what is allowed or what they should be aware of. In connection with this, you can also edit signs about Covid-19 or maximum capacity.

The editor also has signs to indicate where the elevator is located, as well as signs informing about where the keys can be found. Although these designs are simpler, it may be advantageous to use pre-designed templates to speed up the process of creating these compositions.


Emergency and elevator machine room signs

Find also out of service signs, signs with protocols in case of fire, signs indicating the entrance to the engine room, or no smoking signs.

These usually have a simple and determined format with little text and bright colors, although we invite you to incorporate your corporate colors and your contact information. Remember that your corporate image should be projected in each of the designs you create.


Print your elevator out of order sign and other designs

Once you have finished your design, save it in your user profile to edit it later or to create copies of it. You never know when you might need to customize it again, so it's always best to have it on hand. You can print it in top quality in just a few minutes and have it ready to hang up.

Start editing freight elevator and standard elevator signs at EDIT.org now.

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