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Covid-19 protocols and recommendations for business

Discover EDIT.org free customizable Coronavirus poster templates with protocols and recommendations. Customize them for your business in a few clicks.

Edit coronavirus template

Find out the most helpful customizable templates for your business with Coronavirus protocols and recommendations.

Protocols for entering a store or shop free template

After the COVID-19 situation, it has been crucial to adapt all businesses and establishments to the new hygienic and protection measures to combat the virus spread: wearing masks, hand washing, maximum capacities, or social distancing.

As it is fundamental to communicate such protocols effectively, EDIT.org has prepared some designs for businesses to handle Coronavirus, created following the World Health Organization's advice. Then, they are useful when re-opening your restaurant, store, bar, or company office with health precautions.

Communicating this information to all employees and customers is crucial to accomplish Coronavirus safety tips, both in offices and stores:

template image coronavirus social distance 6 feet


Templates of COVID-19 recommendations and general protocols for businesses

  1. Reduced maximum capacity. Limit access to the indicated number of people according to the square meters of the space. In many countries, such capacity is reduced to less than 20% compared to the regular one.
  2. Social distance. Maintain a safe distance of 6 feet. Use one of these social distance free posters.
  3. Mask. Wear a mask both on public transport and in closed spaces.
  4. Gloves. Wear gloves, especially inside supermarkets, to avoid touching food and products directly with the hands.
  5. Fever. If anyone has symptoms or fever higher than 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, do not allow entry. In fact, we recommend taking the client's temperature before entering.
  6. Card payment. In shops, whenever possible, pay by credit or debit card, to avoid the exchange of coins and bills that could be infected.

Design with the best health tips for Gyms during COVID 19

Pharmacy best advice for coronavirus. Editable template

We have created post-Coronavirus guides and resources for each type of business, for de-escalation and return to the so-called new normality. Depending on space and use, certain recommendations are more important:

Templates of COVID-19 recommendations for offices

template image coronavirus recommendations offices


Templates of Coronavirus recommendations for restaurants and bars

plantilla imagen coronavirus recomendaciones restaurantes


Templates of COVID-19 recommendations for supermarkets and stores

template coronavirus poster recommendations for stores and shops

template image coronavirus recommendations supermarket


Templates of Coronavirus recommendations for owners' associations (also for companies, business incubators and co-workings)

Protocol for showing a property real state templates

Church and religious temples advices coronavirus

template image coronavirus recommendations elevator

You could even take the temperature of employees or customers with a laser thermometer, disinfect the air using Ozone disinfection, or even use UVA lamps to eliminate Covid-19 viruses. However, before reaching these extremes, it is a priority to communicate the protocol recommendations to people who are at work or visit it.

template coronavirus preference health services


Customize a Coronavirus poster for protocols and recommendations on EDIT.org

  1. Click on any image of this article or go to the editor to get started
  2. Select the template you want to edit
  3. Customize it with images, texts, elements, and logo
  4. Save the changes and download the composition in JPG, PNG or PDF format
  5. Print it or share it on social media

EDIT.org COVID-19 templates include all these recommendations. They are editable and customizable designs to edit in one click and download. Click on the text, colors, icons, etc. and modify whatever you desire. Add your business logo and download the poster, print it, hang it on the walls of your space, and share it on social networks.

template coronavirus social distance 6 feet

Communicate in the best way your preventive measures against Coronavirus in your business premises in a few clicks. If you have found this article useful, you can also read this one with more free templates to fight Coronavirus.

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