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Templates for home delivery of food, products and services

Templates for home delivery of food, products and services
Templates for home delivery of food, products and services

Templates for home delivery of food, products and services

Edit delivery and take away templates

The Coronavirus in has affected so much that in some countries the state of emergency has been declared and the entire population is confined to their home. Going outside is allowed only for essential situations, among them is to go buy basic things at the pharmacy, supermarket or grocery store. It is also possible to go and buy food for take out in restaurants near your home. If you have a business that could sell things online, start now and don't wait any longer. We want to help you with that. That's why we have created these templates for food delivery and products and services that can be sent to your home, ready to download from Edit and adapt to your business to this crisis in one click.


If you have a restaurant or a cafe, communicate your delivery, take away or pick up services. Take this as an opportunity to try new things! We want to help you so that you can promote your products with all the posters and templates for take out and delivery services.


If you have a restaurant, you may wonder "Where is a print shop near me to print these posters?", but many people when they are at home wonder "Where is there food to go near me?" "Where do I buy food to take home?" Because until now they may have only ordered food at the office or at work. This is an opportunity to sell food online or put a poster in your restaurant or bar informing that they can buy food in your store, but eat at home. Take advantage and design a poster or image specially designed for home orders in a few clicks. Oh by the way, did you know that the foods that are most often ordered from home are burgers, Mexican food, Japanese food, Chinese food and Greek food? But the most important thing is to communicate that you can send food to your home or for take out! Edit a template in one click and enter the food delivery business.



If you have a bar or a cafe, we have prepared some special posters for take away coffee. It is always a good thing that can help sell coffee and other things. They are templates that you can edit and put your logo in one click. You could communicate it on social networks too! :)

If you have a flower shop, it can be a great time to sell online. We all know that plants cheer up our spirits. So, it is possible that many people see those old and poorly maintained plants and want to change or care for them but the usual florist is closed. There you go. Use one of these home delivery templates, edit it in one click to adapt the texts and put your logo if you want and publish it on your social networks (or send it in your newsletter).

If you are a physical therapist and can provide services at home, it may be an escape to bill and be able to provide service to those who really need it. Whether as a self-employed or company employee, we encourage you to reach your customers or even get new customers by posting and sharing one of these editable home service designs.

We encourage you to choose not one, but several templates and edit them in one click while having a coffee. You could use some designs for the social networks and print and hang others on your business wall. Hopefully this will help your business to continue making money when you cannot open your store to the public for whatever reason and also grow your profit by earning extra income!


Edit delivery and take away templates
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