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Free templates to create printable Kanban boards

Create your own Kanban boards to track tasks using lean and agile methodology with the free editable templates from EDIT.org

Edit a Kanban board

What is Kanban? What is it for? How can I start using this methodology? Right here we answer you and we also give you free templates to create your kanban boards.

Kanban board template to edit online, download for free and print

What is a Kanban board and how is it used?

Kanban is an agile work methodology that comes from Japan (specifically from the Toyota company) and means dashboard.

It is based on planning and organizing tasks according to their stage of development, from pending (or to be done) to done (or completed). These phases are not rigid and depend on each project or company.

The goal is to have a visual check of the entire set of tasks. In addition, they can be grouped by department or manager for example.

In addition to being very useful at the organizational and management level, it has a motivational aspect, since one sees how the tasks progress to the end as if it were a game.

Kanban board printable template editable online

Create a Kanban board with editable templates

Kanban boards are matrices made up of development phases (columns) and tasks (rows).

This is an example of a simple development phase:

An example with more phases:

You can use a simple Excel or a digital tool such as Trello, but if you want to use the original methodology, use the pre-designed templates for printing on paper from our graphic editor EDIT.org, with attractive designs designed to optimize the day-to-day in the job.

You can customize the printable templates for each project, include the corporate logo and colors, upload your typography, etc.

In addition, you can make as many versions as you want and download them to your device totally free

Kanban board template sample for publishing content online

How to create a Kanban board with the online editor EDIT.org

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a Kanban template
  2. Edit your design and save changes online
  3. Download your free personalized Kanban board in JPG, PNG or PDF


Use custom Kanban boards to print or share online

Customizing editor Kanban canvases is a breeze. Try customizing one and emailing it to your team to print. Each one can have their own Kanban, but you can also use a common one that groups the most important tasks of each one.

Increase the effectiveness and productivity of your work with Kanban templates for printing. Enter the editor now and choose the one you like the most :)

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Edit a Kanban board